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We have listed the vacuum cleaner repair near me that can solve all your vacuum issues so that you can run the cleaner and keep the house dirt-free forever! Have a look!  The vacuum cleaner that cleans the whole house requires cleaning too!

Otherwise, they won’t work! Along with this, vacuums can stop working anytime! The brushes might not work or the motor might be a trouble! The joints break sometimes and the whole system might require troubleshooting or replacement!

No matter you are troubleshooting or replacing or just fixing the cleaner if you are not an expert, we do not recommend you to do it alone. It is always suggested that you go for a skilled service that can afford you better repair.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Repair Near Me

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Some of the best vacuum cleaner repair services are here! Don’t forget to knock them when you face any vacuum issues!

Tidewater Sew-Vac

You already got it by the name! Yes, this vacuum cleaner repair is providing its optimum service since 1978 and still is trusted by the customers! They are highly experienced and they know how to do their job professionally! No matter your vacuum cleaner is going through weak suction or clogged roller brush, they will repair it!

If you have not-so-difficult problems like broken belts or wheels, you can call them and they will come to your aid. In some cases, you can get annoyed by the clogged hose or damaged electrical wire or plug. You can still see how they repair them for you and you will get back your vacuum cleaner just the way you wanted!

The upright vacuums sometimes do not stay upright. The reason behind it is broken joints. You can solve this issue by letting the Tidewater Sew-Vac know about it! They provide vacuum cleaner repair work for so many brands. From high-end brands to reasonable ones, they are experienced in all sectors. If you see that your vacuum is old and not running at all, even then, the company can make it work like the newer ones!

They are experts in searching for the right part and problem and solve them in no time. Another amazing fact about them is they have plenty of stores. No matter you live in Virginia, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Great Neck, Newport’s News, or the Chesapeake Bay, in the USA, they will serve you almost everywhere!

All you need is to contact them and they will come forward! From tightening the handle grip and connections, cleaning out the bag chamber to freeing the airflow channels and inspecting the seal integrity, whatever the trouble is, they will find it! And eventually, solve it providing you satisfactory service.


Address: Tidewater Sew-Vac 1620 Centerville Turnpike, Suite 106 Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Phone 757-479-3950, 888-295-7177

Fax 757-479-3957



We know, we know, you just remembered Tony Stark! So did us when we first heard the name of this company! But this Stark is going to serve you better than the mighty Iron Man, we bet! It is because they afford a guarantee of their work that’s what the brand says! Along with this, they will provide a free loaner vacuum if you need it!

On the other hand, the company is a factory authorized. So, you get what you pay for! No vacuum problem is there that they cannot solve! Starks work for checking the airflow of your vacuum to inspecting and cleaning the airways. Along with this, the works of checking switches, circuit boards, electrical cord, lights, and filters are usually done by them.

They will examine the brush roll and the bearings and will clean it. Examining the motor and fixing it is also included in their job. And mostly, they will work for the performance check and ensure that your device is running as it should. Installing any new parts along with the new bag is a part of their job too.

Apart from this, Starks cleans the motor and the entire interior of your vacuum cleaner. They use high-pressure air for cleaning these parts. So, you get a completely clean and new device that will work better than before!  They will change the vacuum belt, grease pack, and bearings. Along with this, powering the nozzle and hand vacuums is also done by the company.

You can also get your vacuum deep cleaned by the brand. Starks will deliver you the service of deep cleaning for the whole cleaner. They afford you several service plans like the Platinum Plus service. With this, you will get a discount and four different comprehensive vacuum services.

Also, if Starks cannot repair your vacuum, they will provide you free loaner vacuum for use until they get your one fixed! Now you decide can you avoid this incredible service? No, for sure! Also, they have nine different convenient locations for your repair needs that are opened every day!


Address: Beaverton 12920 SW Canyon Rd Beaverton, OR 97005


Vacuums R-US

Whenever you want vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner repair, you can knock on the door of Vacuums R-US. The best part of this service is they provide you with plans for cleaning your cleaner. They have full-service cleaning for the premium brands along with the discounted brands. It will cost you from $59 to $89. The vacuums that are usually bought in stores will cost you $39 or more.

Vacuum R-US will work for your belt installation and replacements. Also, for all the unclog work, they can help you out! At times, you might require corded replacement, and then also, you can call this service. For all the maintenance and cleaning issues, they will be by your side. At times, you will need motor cleaning.

The company is ready to serve you motor cleaning service without any complications. They will fix your vacuum and will make it work as it is new! In some cases, your vacuum motor will not work. And if you are in such trouble, Vacuum R-US can replace your motor too! You can get the original manufacturer motor replacement here.

But don’t be disheartened if you don’t want to invest so much in original manufacturer motors. You can also find the aftermarket motor replacements here! In every way, you are surely going to get a better service from them! And in the times when you cannot find what the problem with your vacuum cleaner is, you can rely on troubleshooting it!

Yes, the brand is also committed to affording you complete troubleshooting of your vacuum cleaner and make it run just fine! All you need is to call them up and get the best service from them in the least possible time!


Address: 3005 28th St. Boulder, CO 80301 (303) 449-8913


FAQs on Vacuum Cleaner Repair Near Me

Is it worth repairing your vacuum cleaner?

If your vacuum cleaners are working for five years, we do not recommend you repair them. Not only us but also the Consumer Reports suggest you not to invest in repairing the vacuum cleaner. However, this rule only goes for upright vacuum cleaners. For the canister vacuums, you can use them straight for seven years. But you should not repair them after this period. However, before this period, if you have any issues with your vacuum cleaner, you can talk to the brand for a warranty and get it fixed by them. Or else, you can check out the top-notch vacuum repair services that we have mentioned above and fix your device. They are surely not going to disappoint you.

What’s the average lifespan of a vacuum cleaner?

Regardless of the brands, on average, the vacuum cleaners these days will last more or less eight years. The cleaners nowadays are made with high-grade construction materials and the motors are good quality too! In that case, most vacuum cleaners last from seven years to eight years. But the lifespan depends on the brand and the quality too. Also, how you are maintaining the cleaner is a fact here. If it is of a well-known brand and has quality parts, it will last for a long period. Also, if you take care of it properly, it can last more than the average period.

How much will it cost to repair a vacuum cleaner?

The repairing job of a vacuum cleaner will cost you depending on what you are going to repair. For the high-end brands, you have to pay more than $100 to repair the cleaner. On the other hand, the basic brush replacing and cleaning work will cost you less than $50. The larger vacuums that require complete troubleshooting or replacement will cost more than $200.

Wrap Up

The vacuum cleaner repair services are incredible in their work but in that case, choosing the right one is necessary. The services that we have mentioned above are going to serve you the best and not less. From the basic cleaning jobs to the full replacement and troubleshooting, you will get everything from these companies!

If you have used any of these services before, let us know in the comment section about your experience. And if you are planning to go for one, don’t forget to try one of them because they are skilled!

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