7 Ultimate lighting Ideas For Your Deck | Best Step By Step Guide

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​Just like Rose told Jack “to the stars,” you can take your Rose to the stars too! All you need is to decorate your deck and enjoy the night watching the stars or maybe just reading a book all alone!

For this, you must decorate the area to the best you can. When it comes to decorating the deck, the deck lighting ideas are the first thing that comes in our mind.

So, here are Ultimate lighting Ideas For Your Deck and in a way, lighting up your mood! Hurry up, my friend!

Ultimate lighting Ideas For Your Deck

Now, check out the best ideas for light up the deck and have fun enjoying the light and shadow game!

1. Lights Under the table

In some cases, you might enjoy outdoor cooking areas. In this case, you can bring back life to the deck by adding some lights right under the table. This will help all the people see what they are doing and also will add up some dimension!

2. Floor Lighting

Lighting the floor of your deck can add brightness to the deck even when there is dark! Enjoying the stars when the lights come from the sky and the ground will make it different for sure! The deck corners are the best place to add some light. Also, you can add them near steps and seating!

3. Rail Deck Lighting

If you want to decorate your deck a bit more, you can settle for the under rail deck lighting. This will assuredly bring some soft glow to the place! In this case, it is better to rely on LED-powered lights. If you can, get solar-powered lights.

4. Under Deck

In some cases, your deck is your balcony! Yes, if that’s all you got, then that’s all you need! Adding a ceiling fan with some lights can never be wrong in such places! For air circulation, a fan can be outstanding and fir making it a bit more functional, add light that will come from the above!

5. Hanging Lights or String Lights

When you have a pergola, there’s nothing to worry about because you can add lights with it! Get wired light fixtures or the string ones. Add them to the rafters and you are done! In creating dimensions, this lighting can be incredible!

6. Stair Lights

Another addition to the lights on your deck that can change the aura is the stair light. Yes, this one’s easy for sure. If you have stairs on your deck, all you need to do is attach lights on the corners of the stairs. These will not only help in the decoration but also will accelerate the security.

7. Lanterns

No list of lightings will be completed without this old yet in-style method of lighting up space. Yes, we are talking about the lanterns. When you search for one of the most inexpensive ways but still want to make it look the best, lanterns are the best bet. The battery-operated ones are the most recommended for this purpose. However, you can rely on the solar bulbs or the candles too!

Spot Lighting Idea

It is also called Landscape lighting or up-lighting. Landscape lighting maintain shine narrow to high intensity beams. So it perform standard voltage upwords. Installing process is very easy and put it ground level of tall tree or a lawn ornament to make them more beautiful.

Ultimate Lighting Ideas For Your Deck: FAQs

Where should deck lights be placed?

It is always a good idea to place the lights on the corners of the area. On the contrary, you can also adjust them on the stairs or the seating area. All you have to keep in mind is to keep them away from the walking path so that people don’t damage them.

What sort of lighting should we use on the deck?

The best lighting you can go for when you are decorating a deck is a solar-powered light. Also, the battery-powered ones can do the work. If you don’t find them, stick to the string or hanging lights, lanterns, or wired lights. Just make sure it is safe.

Can you leave solar lights out all winter?

Yes, we always recommend solar lights because it requires less maintenance. You can leave them in your deck or the garden throughout the year. No matter it is winter, you can have the best result from such lights when it comes to deck lighting.

Lighting Ideas For Your Deck: Wrap Up 

So, you have checked all the 7 ideas for lighting up your deck! Don’t wait, just select one or two ideas and get your hands on them to redecorate your deck!

Do you have any other ideas that can help you decorate the deck with lighting? Share it with us! Also, comment below which idea you loved the most!

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