The Ultimate Guide To Build Pipe Desk (DIY) | 6 Easy Steps To Follow

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Whenever you need an art table or a laptop desk in your budget, you can rely on the pipe desks! These desks are easy to construct and also be light on your wallet! Today, we will tell you how to build a pipe desk DIY  with the materials you have in your house! All you need is to arrange the materials and you are good to go!

Check it out and try it at your home! We are sure it won’t disappoint you as this is the easiest method of constructing a pipe desk!

6 Easy Steps To Follow For Building Pipe Desk-

  • Preparing the Materials
  • Dealing with the Edges
  • Painting the Desk
  • Preparing the Floor Flanges
  • Adding the Floor Flanges
  • Attaching the Anchors

Step By Step Guide Building DIY Desk with Pipe Legs

how to build pipe desk DIY
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This easy process on how to create your own desk with a plumber’s pipe will help you make such a desk for both your home and office both! Here, we are using a door including the hollow core. You can go for direct wood too! Check out the steps and you can do it easily!

Step 1: Preparing the Materials

Preparing the ingredients should be the first step when it comes to making a pipe desk with galvanized pipe desk. You will need a hollow door here as we will tell you how to make a desk out of an old door and black pipe!

Also, for adding the floor flanges, get a Plastic Wood Filler. Sandpaper for sanding and paint for painting. You will need a good-grade all-purpose adhesive. For the perfect DIY project, get clamps along with floor flanges and required angle brackets!

Step 2: Dealing with the Edges

As we are using the door with a hollow core, you have to deal with the rough edges. Get some plastic wood filler and apply them to the edges.

Let it dry and then sand them for some time. Slowly, you will get smoother edges. Or you can get solid wood from the market and make this wood and pipe desk in the same manner.

Step 3: Painting the Desk

Once you are done with the door’s edges, you have to move forward to paint the door. Select the color according to your choice. Buy it from the market or use the leftover color you have in your basement! And start painting the door with the color you prefer.

Step 4: Preparing the Floor Flanges

After painting, you have to let it dry for some hours. Keep in mind that if it is not dried properly, you cannot move to this step. In this case, wait for some hours and it is better to wait for 24 hours to ensure the dried color.

Once it is done, move to add the floor flanges. Check the underside of the desk; you have to add them here. You can go for a 9 ½ inches measurement of the desk’s edges.

However, it depends on you what size you want here! We have selected black pipe to create a black pipe desk that looks exactly like the DIY industrial pipe desks!

Step 5: Adding the Floor Flanges

If you think that adding it up is easy, you are going to have a tough time with it! As the door we have selected has a core which is hollow, you need to provide extra attention! In this case, there will be only one screw that is at the door’s edge for the wood to hold onto.

But trust us this won’t work for your desk. So, get your hands on the all-purpose glue that can easily add whatever you want! Add it to the bottom part of the floor flanges. And then, you can place the flanges on the underside of the desk you are making.

When it is done, you have to move to that screw once again. Drive that screw that you can fit into the position. Clamp the flanges. Make sure you do it when the Rapid Fuse is dry.

Step 6: Attaching the Anchors

Now, that the desk in its position and there, add the angle brackets to the wall. Also, go through the underside of the desk you made. You will need to check the wall studs for this.

In some cases, you might not have them. So, you have to get the ideal wall anchors. If you want the desk to be flexible, you can also add two other legs to the desk’s back.

And if you want to make a pipe desk with shelves, you can add some more pipes on the upper side, cut wood in small portions, and add them to the pipe once again!

FAQs on Building a DIY Pipe Desk

How much does it cost to build a DIY pipe desk?

The method we have mentioned above on building the DIY pipe desk will cost you $35 to $50. And it is an easy one-hour process! On the other hand, the other DIY projects might cost you $60 to $80 depending on what material you are using for the construction.

How much height does coupling give a black iron pipe desk?

The desk height depends on your height and the height of the chair. But the standard height of a desk is about 28 inches to 30 inches. Most people of 5’8” to 5’10” can easily sit in these standard-height desks. However, if your height is taller, you can customize your desk in the way we have mentioned! With coupling, you can make a black iron pipe desk of 26 inches to 38 inches depending on your preferences!

Can I add shelves to my pipe desk?

Yes, you can add shelves to your pipe desk by adding some additional pipe on the upside of the table adding one or two more racks of the same wood you have used before! All you need is to add the woods by cutting them in thinner pieces that exactly work like the shelves!

Wrap Up

So, we have dealt with an easy method of building a pipe desk out of a door that has hollow core! All you need is to do a little bit of investment and a tad bit of effort! Making a pipe desk is cost-effective and also will help you learn new DIYs!

Comment below if you know of any other easy method of building pipe desks! Share your positive and negative viewpoints on the pipe desk in the comment box too!

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