Shark NV42 Review in 2021 | Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

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Shark, one of the most celebrated brands for vacuum cleaners in this century, offers several vacuum cleaners for different types of users. Though the brand is more popular for upright vacuums, you will also get the handheld and cordless models available. And if you are new and still confused, you can get your hands on this Shark NV42 too!

This one is one of the most loved cleaners by the users of Shark. And today, we will note down some highly important factors regarding this cleaner so that you can learn if you should buy it or not!

The Shark NV42 Features-

  1. Motor: 12z
  2. Cord length: 25 ft.
  3. Stretch hose:
  4. Six OEM attachments
  5. Tilt handle
  6. LED lights
  7. Designed for hard floors and carpets
  8. Swivel steering feature
shark nv42 review
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Check out the review; we have included all the positive and negative aspects along with the detailed features. Also, we mentioned the drawbacks of the vacuum to make it easy for you to select! Have a look of crevice tools and thank us later!


  • Large dirt bin
  • Included pet hair power brush roll
  • Able to add HEPA filter capsules
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight design
  • Visible in the dark
  • Fingertips easy control
  • Reasonable price


  • Too tall for short people
  • No attachment storage

Shark NV42: Why we Love it?

Whenever it comes to a carpet cleaner, we get confused about picking up one because it is difficult to choose one from hundreds of products. Shark has been a renowned brand for bagless vacuum cleaner for years now and you can choose their product without any dilemma. We will cover all the facts about Shark NV42 here that can help you learn if the product is a good deal for you. Let us begin!

Suction Technology

If you have researched a little about this product, you already know it is popular for the suction technology it owns. It includes a next-gen technology for strong suction with which you are never going to lose suction power!

Yes, just like the backless vacuum suction design of the traditional age, the brand has constructed it with some added facilities. It is taken to next level by adding numerous violent vacuum cyclones. And with this power cord technology, you can easily pull all the dirt from your house and dust particles them from the floor or any types of surfaces!

Along with the amount of the suction power, the consistency will also regain your faith in Shark if you are a little disappointed in your previous Shark vacuum.

Pet and the Vacuum

We, who have a pet in our house, know the real struggle when it is about cleaning the house. Pet hair is tough to clean but not anymore with this cleaner! Mostly, people love upright vacuum cleaner is they are great for carpet cleaning and the hair of cat from your floor or any types of surfaces.

In that case, dust canister vacuums fall short because they are not ideal for dog hair. However, in the case of the Shark NV42, pet hair power brush included, we already told you the suction power is high and also consistent. So, it is capable of taking off all the small to long, thin to thick hair from the carpet and floor no matter it’s you or your pet.

This cleaner has a pre-motor filter dusting brush roll attachment. With that, removing dirt and debris from your pet is easy. You can use it on your carpeted floor along with the sofa. However, you have to look out for the dirt canister of this vacuum a little more if you are gathering up a lot of pet's hair. But that’s something you need to for all other vacuum cleaners, isn’t it?

Floor Versatility

The carpet cleaner by Shark offers you the facility to clean both your bare floor along the carpeted floor. In most cases, the quality when it comes to vacuum cleaning carpets can go wrong for the mediocre upright cleaners.

Thanks to Shark because the NV42 offers you solid performance in terms of the carpeted surface cleaning along with the small rugs. So, you can get a proper package if you get this cleaner as it can tidy up your hard floors and get the dirt out of the carpeted floors.

Large Dirt Bin

If you have a large house, it can be tough to clean up the dust canister of your cleaner again and again after a while. If this is an issue or your house is too much dirty, this vacuum will be a savior for sure. With this one, you will be able to clean the whole house without worrying about the dirt bin getting full.

This one includes a canister that is of 3 quarts which are very larger debris cleaner if you compare this one with the other cleaners of the market. And with this facility, you will be able to clean for a longer duration without cleaning it up repeatedly.

Filtration Method

Now, you might be a little sad to hear that this cleaner does not include any HEPA filter inside it. That’s the worse part for the people that have allergy issues. But if you can, you can deal with it too! You will only suffer some problems if you have severe allergy issues.

And here, by SEVERE, we mean SEVERE. The filtration system of this one is solid and you won’t feel if there is any HEPA filter added or not! Along with this, the attachment options are numerous!


Whenever it comes to surface cleaning a house with a basic vacuum sweeper, you think about the weight. It is because cleaning the house with a brand new large vacuum gathering all the dirt together may sound nice but when it comes to carrying it, it can be a big bummer!

But this is one of the most important points you need to notice in this NV42 as this only weighs 15 pounds! Compared to the other options, this one is highly lightweight. But if you are a fan of very lightweight options, this can disappoint you. As the bin is large, you might find that it is taking up a little more space than the regular ones. Also, carrying it here and there is fun too!

Drawbacks of Shark NV42: What could be better?

This one is a little too much tall and a newbie can find it tough to deal with. But once you practice it, you can handle it well!

  • Also, if you are a fan of the swivel steering feature in a carpet cleaner, you should not pick up this one. Any standard vacuums these days include this swivel feature and not having this one is a drawback of the cleaner.
  • As there are a lot of attachments added to the cleaner, you might feel good storing them with the cleaner. But how saddening is that you can’t? Yes, you cannot store the gears and attachments on the carpet cleaner. You have to borrow another basket for it!
  • Not having a HEPA filtration facility can be a big bummer too. A lot of people go through severe allergy issues and in that case, only HEPA filtration feature can be a solution. However, the best part is you can always go back, buy some HEPA filtration capsules and add them to the upright vacuum cleaner you are using! This can solve every problem you are facing with the filter!

Who should Buy Shark NV42?

Not everyone should plan for buying the Shark NV42 as there are a lot of positive and negative aspects included. Let us know if it is the right deal for you or not.

Cleaning Performance

If you have a large house and you don’t know which cleaner to buy, this one can be the best deal. As it features a very large bin bag, you can clean up the whole house with one swap! Also, carrying this lightweight device inside the whole house is effortless even if you have a large house! However, we do not recommend you buy this one for a two-storied house as it can be difficult to carry this one through the stairs with a lot of dirt in the bin.

LED light feature

A small little tip for you, if you are too short, you might find it tough to work with the cleaner. For moderately tall people, the cleaner is a top favorite!

Moving the cleaner requires a little bit of practice! Once you are ready, go one and clean the house! When you do not get enough time to clean the house after office, you clean it at night. And you might always require an LED light in the dark.

For the cleaning session when the hair power tool runs out, you can spend your leisure time surface cleaning with Shark NV42 by switching on the LED light.

Pet Hair Cleaning

If you have pets inside your house that leaves a lot of pet hair here and there, the cleaner can be the best deal. This is the best deal for the carpeted homes along with the hardwood floor. Taking out the pet hair from the floor especially from the carpeted floor will be easy with this Shark one. Also, you can take off the dirt from the couch and other upholstery leaving the home tidy.

Six Cleaning Attachments

As it comes with six different cleaning attachments, you can always give yourself a high-five for doing a lot of work with one cleaner. Move your hands, add the new attachments and use them for a different purpose. The best part is controlling the Shark NV42 is easier than you think. With your fingertips, all you need to do is press! The cleaner will start working on your command!

Budget-Friendly Vacuum

Also whenever you are talking about affordable vacuum cleaners, we want to remind you of this one. Such great suction and cleaning attachments facility is nowhere in the market! Shark provides you cheapest vacuum which is the best deal at the lowest possible rate!

Five Years Warranty

Now that we are done with the price, we will talk about the warranty. If you are a clumsy person and you can’t handle the cleaner right, you might need to repair it often. In that case, the warranty of the cleaner is a rescuer. With the vacuum, you have five years of warranty and whenever it misbehaves, take it to the company. The Shark will do the rest for you!

Frequently Asked Questions on Shark NV42 250

Which Shark vacuum cleaner has the best reviews?

All the shark cleaners have amazing reviews because of the incredible suction facility along with the good-grade attachments. However, among them all, you will love the Shark NV42 and the Shark Navigator Left-Away Professional one. These are the most reviews and are great in terms of cleaning performance. There are other handheld, cordless and upright models available too. Check them out and select one.

How long do Shark vacuum cleaners last?

If you have used a Shark vacuum cleaner, you already know the longevity of the cleaners. But if you are new, you might not have any idea about it. In short, the carpet cleaners by Shark last more or less five years to seven years. The upright cleaners usually last a little longer than the other models. As an affordable brand, longevity is noteworthy. Also, most of them have five years of warranty added.

Does Shark NV42 havea HEPA filter?

Most of the standard vacuum cleaners these days include the HEPA filter facility keeping the allergens in mind. If you have an allergy, a HEPA filter can save you. Unfortunately, keeping the positive aspects on one side, it is disappointing that Shark NV42 does not include the HEPA filtration facility. But if you still want to buy it, you should know that the cleaner has a facility for adding the HEPA filtration capsules with the vacuum for an allergen-free cleaning session!

Wrap Up

The users of Shark do not usually leave the brand because of the extraordinary cleaning performance and that too at such an affordable price. Apart from the price point, they provide a noteworthy warranty with incredible features and additional attachments!

Even if you want to ignore it, you can’t deny that Shark is gaining a positive stand which will soon take the brand to a leading position. And if you still don’t own a Shark vacuum, get the NV42 one, you won’t be disheartened.

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