Pivot Door Hardware | 6 Types Of Pivot Hinges

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Pivot doors are getting popular for their additional benefits when it comes to making the small space areas a better place to live in. In restaurants and commercial places, these are popular. But nowadays, people are using pivot door hardware in their house too!

Today we will talk about every detail about the pivot hardware door, the types, and how these work! Also, we will discuss where you can add these up!

Let us check it out!

What is a Pivot Hinge?

If you have used pivot doors, you already know about them. There is a specific hinge added to these doors. It ensures that your door can pivot from a specific point at the bottom and the top of your door. If you think that we are talking about the butt hinges then you are wrong.

The butt hinges are designed to get added to the door’s side. Usually, there is a pin added there. But pivot hinges are different. These are usually added to the top part and the bottom part of your door hinges.

In clearer words, we add pivot hinges to the head of the frame. Also, such hardware is added to the floor too. The work of the pivot hinge is to let the door swing in either direction.

Types of Pivot Hinges

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Mostly, people use the standard pivot hinge available in the market. However, there are other pivot hinges with different features too. If you have a commercial area, you can use them.

You can also try these in your house too! Apart from these, offset pivot hinges are available for your comfort too! So, in short, we have several pivot hardware available.

We have already discussed the standard pivot hardware. Now, we will deal with the other types of pivot hinges so that you can know about them in detail.

1. Offset Pivot Hinges

The work of these hinges is to let the door swing clear of the frame. In this case, it works within the inside frame. If you need a door that you want to open out of the way, you can use these hinges. These will help you to give clear access to the doorway.

The entire doorway will get a clear area. Here, the door will be located on a specific side. So, while buying it, make sure you have a look on the side and then buy the offset pivot hinges accordingly.

2. Center Hung Pivot Hinges

If you want a pivot hinge in a door where the pivot point is close to the lock edge, you can pick up this one. And this is the reason it is named Center Hung Pivot Hinges. This is also used for aesthetics!

3. Pocket Pivot Hinges

At times, the door you are using is located in a wall pocket. When no other hinges work, the pocket hinges are going to work. In the swinging doors that are situated in the wall pocket, pocket hinges are the best deal to go for.

4. Intermediate Pivot Hinges

When it comes to the alignments, the intermediate pivot hinges are the best thing to work with. These will certify that you have got a proper installation of the bottom offset pivots. It also certifies that you get the perfect installation of the floor closer.

5. Electrified Intermediate Pivot Hinges

Whenever you are dealing with power transfer and a door together, you have to settle for the electrified intermediate pivot hardware. These are great for door position monitoring too!

Use of Pivot Door

In your house, if there is any high-traffic doorway, you can add pivot hinges there. While opening the pivot doors, you only need to push these doors and that’s all! You do not need additional handles there to open the door.

In the restaurants, where the waiters and chefs require moving a lot, pivot hinges are used. Also, you can add these hinges to your house. Especially, in the kitchen doorways, these can be used.

Some people use these in the dining rooms too. The bottom bracket of such hinges is attached to the floor. As a result, you can easily use the doors that are heavy too!

More than other hinges, you can use pivot hinges in such heavy doors to get a better outcome. In the cabinetry of your house, you can use them to reduce high traffic in that place.

FAQs on Pivot Door and Pivot Hardware

Are pivot hinge added doors expensive?

Yes, pivot doors are expensive because they include pivot hinges. More than the regular single door, they will cost you 30-40% more! Even if you compare these hinges with the standard-width doors, you will see that these are twice as expensive as them. The reason is pivot hinges make your small space work better. And to get something better, paying a little more is necessary.

How to secure a pivot door?

Don’t be careless when you are dealing with securing a pivot door. These door frames require to be secured firmly. You have to secure this in a specific place. And the place should be able to hold the weight of your door. You will need screws to add the header and studs. Do not use the nails for ensuring protection. All you need is a stronghold to your frame!

Can you install pivot hardware on the glass door?

Yes, you can install pivot hardware or hinges on your glass door too. All you have to do is take the lower hinge in a corner of the bushing first. With your hands, get a hold of the lower hinge. Now, slowly, you have to hold the glass corner and slide it into the lower hinge. Make sure you keep your eyes on the brackets. They should be in a 60 degree to the door.

Get the upper hinge and insert it inside the bush. Now, it is time to take the other corner of your glass door and slide it into the bracket! You are done!

Pivot Door Hardware Wrap Up

Now you know all the details about the Pivot door system and its types. These are expensive but they work amazing in a small space area! Try out pivot hinges and let us know in the comment section about your experience. This will ensure you are making the best use of every space of your house!

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