Makita vs Dewalt vs Milwaukee | Which Brand is Better Let’s Find out

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This article will evaluate three of the most popular power tool products on the market: Makita, Dewalt, and Milwaukee. We’ll explore each brand in-depth, taking into account their distinct backgrounds, product lines, as well as how they function concerning one another.

Eventually, we’ll explore which power equipment brand is the best among Makita, Dewalt, and Milwaukee. It is a challenging question because they are heavyweights in the power equipment business. Let’s start with a glimpse at the company’s various histories.


Makita started as a power tool repair company. This corporation was formed in Japan, a few years ago. In 1969, it released its first-ever power tool, a completely rechargeable makita drill. This would have been the world’s first of its sort.

Following this accomplishment, the industry started manufacturing a broader amount of makita tool, and more recently, farming tools and materials. The firm started manufacturing power cordless tool in Thailand in 2012 and continues doing so to this day.


It is an American corporation that was created in Leola, Pennsylvania approximately a hundred years ago by Raymond E. DeWalt, the developer of the radial arm saw. After around 20 years, this was purchased by the American Machine & Foundry Co., which resold it to Black & Decker a few years later.

Dewalt has used parts made in China, Brazil, Italy, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and the Czech Republic since 2013, which are then reassembled in the United States.

In 2016, the business released a new innovative dual voltage rechargeable battery. This was given the moniker of ‘FLEXVOLT.’ This again makes over 200 distinct power tools, hand tools, drill driver and over 800 separate parts.


Milwaukee, an American brand, was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the year following DeWalt (1924). It began as a power tool maintenance shop until they developed their own electrically powered cordless drill, which was intended specifically for Ford vehicle engineers.

The industry continued to make a variety of essential power equipment, which include hole shooters, which were utilized in the construction of military aircraft during WWII. Milwaukee would be the first company to innovate the power tool industry in 1951.

The company introduced their Sawzall revolving cutting saw at that time. It remains a distinguishing power tool for Milwaukee even now. In 2008, the business developed a hardening technique for its equipment, ensuring that they would last twice as wide as any other.

Comparative Analysis of Tools

Makita vs Dewalt vs Milwaukee
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To figure out which of these 3 iconic power tool brands is the greatest, we’ll look at a few of their most popular items to see how they stack up against one another.

Combination combo kit from each of the branded products will provide the absolute best depiction of the chosen company because they comprise a range of various power tools and equipment in a single or combo kit.

Makita 18V LXT XT601

This combination package contains six individual tools that contain a Makita hammer drill, a circular saw, an angle grinder, a charger, and a work light, a changeable impact driver, and a sturdy bag to carry these in.

The hammer drill can do everything, but it takes more time and puts a lot more pressure on the batteries. When doing heavy activities like cutting PVC and tearing decking, they quickly deteriorate.

The Makita’s batteries are superior to those included in the other combi drill set. These not just charge faster, but they really last a lot longer.

The hammer drill’s wheels are constructed of nylon, so it helps to reduce the balance and make it a little lighter. Yet, many others are opposed to the use of non-metal components in power tools.

The amount of torque is great. Because it’s a touch lighter and simpler to use. A regular cutting blade is included with the 6.5″ circular saw. It is lighter and less cumbersome to use. And, lastly, the package includes a strong bag that supports carrying the weight of the products.

Dewalt DCK590L2

This Dewalt combination package includes a three variable speed hammer drill, a 3/4 inch impact driver, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, a belt hook, two 20-volt batteries, a work light, a charger, and a contractor’s bag.

The 20 volt hammer drill has max torque than the Makita drill and exceeds it. This is also larger and heavier than the Makita because of the additional speed setting.

This cutting blade is included on the 6.5-inch saw. It ensures that each cut is finished to professional quality. It also has considerable punching power, although this is at the expense of its high weight and unwieldy design.

M18 Milwaukee 2896-26 18V

The high quality of the equipment in this collection is immediately apparent. They’re not only elegant and lightweight in the hand, but they’re also durable and long-lasting. Milwaukee tool didn’t scrimp on quality when creating them. Above all, the power tool brand included in this combination pack function admirably.

Piercing various sizes of holes in a variety of materials, even mortar, is a breeze with the hammer drill. It may also be used to mix concrete, for example. Both of these items, as well as the impact driver, have a high-end feel about them.

A reciprocating saw is an excellent power tool brand as well. It never misses a target, despite being constructed to the finest level of accuracy.

The two 18 flexvolt battery pack that come with this combination pack are fantastic. They can recharge from flat to completely charged within an hour which lasts for an entire working day, assuming they are habituated to a typical workload. They’re the greatest element of the combination package, in our opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions on Makita vs Dewalt vs Milwaukee

When it comes to power equipment, what’s the distinction between Milwaukee and Makita?

Makita began as a power equipment repair company, similar to Milwaukee. Unlike Milwaukee, though, the corporation was formed in Japan. Its first power tool brand, a completely charged cordless drill, was introduced in 1969.

Is it preferable to use a Milwaukee or a Dewalt tool?

In almost every way, Milwaukee’s tools surpass both Dewalt and Makita’s products. The excellence of their items is immediately seen and felt when you hold these in your hand. While the Makita combo kit had been a close second, it certainly lacks Milwaukee’s added elegance.

Conclusion of Makita Vs Dewalt Vs Milwaukee Comparison

While all three are excellent manufacturers (some of the most well-known in the cordless power tool industry), they have all made full combination packages. One stands out as clearly superior to the other two. It is not only our perspective but it is shared by several other household DIYers and experienced tradespeople throughout the world.

All the information is given above. Now, it’s your time to choose the best one for you. We hope it goes well with you people.

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