Kobalt vs Dewalt | Which Brand Tool is Better in 2021

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Today We would like share comparison of two power products – kobalt vs dewalt. Dewalt has always been the powerhouse of power tools and gears you need when it comes to all the heavy-duty work. On the other hand, the new-in-the-game company Kobalt has come with all their top-notch competitive tools to compete for similar brands.

Yes, Dewalt has the user support and experience to make their side strong. Nonetheless, you can’t deny Kobalt is giving a tough fight to its rival! And here, we will see an in-depth comparison between the two companies and see which one wins the battle!

Kobalt vs  Dewalt – Comparison of Tools by the Brands

kobalt vs dewalt what tool is better
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Whenever it comes to mentioning the best drills for woodwork, the name of both of the company comes up. The reason is both of the brands afford incredible drills.

The brand Kobalt is comparatively new to the business and so, they have a limited number of drills. The number of drills they own is 4. Along with this, they have hammer drills too. They have 3 different models of hammer drills. On the contrary, Dewalt has a huge number of drills on their list.

Impact Drivers and Impact Wrenches

Both of the brands have a lot of impact drivers and wrenches in their collection and they are incredible in performance. The Kobalt has 27 or more options on the list.

According to Dewalt’s site, there are 50 or more models available in the market of this brand. However, users rave about the impact drivers and wrenches of the new Kobalt brand more than the ones of Dewalt.

Comparison of Attributes by the Brands


Whenever it comes to performance, the high-end brands even fear to compete with Dewalt’s selected products. Dewalt has incredible tools for woodwork and metalwork. If you are a professional, you must ensure that you get your hands on the Dewalt tools to make your performance better.

On the other hand, if you are a DIY-lover, you can settle for the Kobalt ones for good performance. This also affords quality results.


As Dewalt is a well-known brand with a huge number of users and a lot more experience, this one has all the right to ask for a good price. And guess what? The tools are value-for-the-money! But if you want affordably priced tools with a decent performance, you can rely on the competitive Kobalt brand.


Kobalt doesn’t have the same warranty for all the tools. Instead, they provide different warranties depending on the product’s performance and durability.

Some of their tools have three to five years of warranty. Along with this, some have a lifetime warranty too! According to the price point, the warranty is moderately good.

On the other hand, Dewalt will afford you 30-days money-back guarantees along with different 3 and 7 years or warranties. Also, limited and full lifetime warranties are available here.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kobalt and Dewalt Tools

Is Kobalt Company made by Dewalt?

No, Kobalt is not made by DeWalt. A home improvement chain in the United States named Lowe’s is known as the company that manufactures the Kobalt tools. Kobalt is comparatively new to the market but is giving tough competition to the opponents.

Are Kobalt power tools good?

Yes, Kobalt tools are doing amazing in the competition. In the middle, there was a time when Kobalt was going through tough days but the new line of Kobalt devices and appliances has made a huge change in the race. Their batteries are relatively low priced and they provide quality performance at an affordable price!

Who owns the Dewalt tool brand?

Now, this is an amazing question that some people asked as they get confused about who owns which company. Have you ever heard of Stanley Black & Decker Company? Yes, this name is often heard beside the Black & Decker tool brand and Porter-Cable tool brand. It is because the company owns these!

And not only has that, in short, but the Stanley Black & Decker Company also owns Dewalt along with Craftsman, Porter-Cable, and Black & Decker- all four tool brands!

Kobalt vs Dewalt Tools Wrap Up

If you are a professional, you must settle for the tools that can provide you precision and accuracy. And if you are doing your work just because you love it, it is not necessary to invest too much in the hand tools!

Once you know what your price range is and what sort of performance you require, you can settle for the one that fits your budget. Let us know in the comment section which tool by these brands you loved the most.

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