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For so many people, usually, the kitchen is the heart of the household where all can connect, enjoy, and cook. However, preparing food for family and friends is really satisfying when you have the necessary kitchen tools and equipment to assist you.

It is really important to have the specific tools for each specific task. Even if you can consider some of it, but the task would easily be done using the best tools and equipment when needed.

In case if you don’t know which ones are the basic necessary tools and equipment for the kitchen, we are here to assist you with this. In this article, you’re going to see some must-have lists of kitchen tools and figure out which one will be the best for you.

We hope you’d bear with us till the end.

A Must-Have List of the Best Kitchen Tools and Equipment


The easiest method to determine which brand is ideal for you is to go to a kitchen goods store and hold each sort of knife in your hand while miming chopping things. Whichever type is the comfiest is the one you should buy. It will last longer if you never keep it in the dishwasher and maintain it.

You might need a chef's knife including one paring knife, regardless of brand. If you need a set, kindly check if it includes a serrated knife as well. Though it's not strictly necessary, it brings help in slicing bread and cutting chocolate or nuts.

Cutting board (made of plastic)

Obviously, wooden boards look nice, are durable, and are convenient to have in your kitchen at all times. Although cleaning them can be a pain at times as they can get really dirty. But they should be cleaned on a daily basis to be preserved nicely. Otherwise, all the vegetable drippings, meat juices will dampen the area of cutting.

These cutting boards are actually lightweight, and easy to be cleaned even in a tiny sink area. They have rubber bumpers to avoid them from rolling about on the surface.

A bunch of metal bowls

Mini, medium, and big mixing bowls are frequently used, to either make the muffin batter, or make mayonnaise or other stuff too. Glass bowls are commonly seen in photographs, but it's more preferable to have metal bowls since they are lighter and simpler to hold.

Usually, they efficiently transfer heat, making them ideal to cool down better. Using these for the kitchen can be a very good idea as it is necessary to keep stuff in it when having meals or other.

A pair of graded dry measuring cups and spoons

These are another necessary set of cups and spoons that can help you a lot in the kitchen. It is a must-have item as we all measure dry items like sugar, flour, rice, etc. they can easily be cleaned and maintained.

Here, we can suggest you buy these pairs from a good branded store as they are needed to last long, but if you’ve got a tight budget, you can go for the less costly ones. Both will do!

Wooden Spoons

If you want to use a spoon without harming nonstick surfaced saucepans or more, then we suggest you invest in these wooden spoons. These are cost-friendly and useful. And, it won’t matter in the long run if these are branded or not, as long as they are not harming any pans or bowls.

Also, maintaining them won’t be hard as they are easy to clean and dry.

3-quart stainless steel saucepan

If you only want to have a saucepan, choose the one which is sturdy, easy to use. The Goldilocks pan would be great as it can cook pasta or meals for two people or stew for four to six. The 3-quart saucepan is affordable, and it'll last a long time.

Peeler for vegetables

The best vegetable peeler is mainly dependent on personal tastes. You'll discover yourself using whichever peeler you prefer for a variety of chores, including peeling potatoes and citrus rind to slicing off the ends of fruits and vegetables.

Spatulas made of silicone

when it comes to scrapping sauces or cake batter out of dishes, pots, and mugs, it is always better to use a spatula to do the task better. A tiny one is always preferable to go right into the corner areas and the big ones are preferable to do the bigger tasks, mostly when serving.

As it is made with a single piece of material, it is easy to maintain after working with it.


From huge balloon types for beating cream to a little coil for scraping pieces off the base of a pan while preparing pan sauces, every type of whisk can be useful for your kitchen. The best ones will be those which have got the firmest wires that don’t bend along with the handle which will fit the best in your hand.

The above were some of the basic kitchen tools and equipment for a kitchen. Although you can always find some more to fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Kitchen Tools

Many of you have few common queries about the topic. We’re bringing it in here and hopefully will satisfy you with our answers.

1. Do one need every single tool in the kitchen?

If you own the most essential tools for your kitchen and if these help you in your daily chores, then we guess this is it. Because, all the kitchen tools come in an alluring, trendy design. But, that doesn’t mean you have to have them all.

We guess you are going to be okay with all the basics first as long as the purpose is to cook and have delicious meals.

2. What are things that one must know about these tools?

This is all you need. A list and you already have it here. So, now when you know which tool does what and how to maintain them, how to store some leftover meals, all you need is to cook. We guess this will do.

Wrap up

Every kitchen should have some basic tools and equipment when it comes to cooking. Because, if it doesn’t, you might have faced some weird moments when you are going to find that you’re missing out some necessary stuff while cooking or having meals. That wouldn’t be good right?

So, to avoid these, we think you must get all the necessary kitchen tools and equipment as soon as possible. And, now, when you have read this article, we think you are all set to go, as our intention was nothing but this.

Lastly, thank you for your precious time. Happy Cooking!

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