The Best Katchy Indoor Insect Trap Reviews in 2021

Fact Checked By James A Weber | Post Updated On: October 22, 2021

It is difficult to enjoy the warm weather when you are constantly being bitten by mosquitoes. These winged pests are not only annoying, but they can also transmit diseases such as West Nile Virus and Zika. Luckily, there are many indoor insect traps that can help control their population levels in your home or business!

Katchy Indoor Insect Trap is a product that will help you get rid of all the bugs and insects in your house. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any chemicals or sprays, so it won’t harm children or pets. You can even take it on trips!

With this product, you can finally have peace of mind when going about your day-to-day activities without worrying about pests getting into your food, biting you while sleeping, or just being an annoyance. This trap has been tested for over 10 years by thousands of customers who are happy with their purchase because they no longer have to worry about pesky bugs ruining their lives anymore.

We review the top katchy traps on the market so you don't have to waste time searching for one yourself!

What is a Katchy Indoor Insect Trap (Reviewed By EmpireGears)

The Katchy, an innovative indoor insect trap that has been proven to be effective in reducing the amount of insects inside your home. With a patented design and advanced technology, the Katchy will help you sleep better at night knowing that you are safe from outside invaders.

1. Katchy Indoor Insect Trap Catcher & Killer for Gnat, Moth, Fruit Flies, Mosquito

The Katchy Indoor Insect Trap is a non-electric, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly way to get rid of mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats, moths and other flying insects in your home. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. The Katchy trap uses the power of suction to catch bugs lured in by its built-in UV light source.


The Katchy trap works effectively because it combines three different methods of catching insects: sticky

Indoors Trap - Katchy's trapping solution sends out a strong UV light to lure in irritating insects such as gnats, fruit flies, moths, and mosquitos. It works best at night when trap bugs are drawn to its brightness.

Turn off light - Trap indoors, close to insect-ridden fruit, plants or trash bin. Turn off light for the night and enjoy your sleep!

FENUN Fly Traps, Gnat Trap, Moth Traps, Mosquito Catcher

It is the best mosquito trap that effectively attracts and traps mosquitoes. Fenun comes with a USB cable to charge it easily. You can use it in your bedroom, living room or anywhere you want. With its high-quality sticky glue boards and strong light bulb inside of the fly trap, This mosquito catcher can catch flies and mosquitoes. It turns on and off by itself, so you will not forget to turn it off.


Easy to operate- Simply plug in the mosquito trap and place it where mosquitoes are most prevalent. It will start working immediately, attracting and killing mosquitoes with its powerful UV light. It is safe for humans, pets, and plants when used as instructed.

This mosquito trap is for catching mosquitoes. It makes the temperature of its body reach your body's temperature, which will make it more likely to get caught. Its light attracts mosquitoes from up to 10 feet away. You can use this at home without worrying about harmful chemicals on it, because it is safe for you.

Bug Zapper Indoor and Outdoor Electronic Insect Killer

No more mosquitoes and no more wasps!

This bug zapper is a great product. It works very well and we have noticed a significant reduction in the number of bugs in our yard. No more giant wasps on our deck either.

The only complaint I have is that it doesn't come with an extension cord, which you will need to attach it to your house if you want to hang it from the roof or somewhere high up. The cord is short. Make sure you buy an extension cord before you buy this item, or plan on running the cord to something else where it can be plugged in.


The bug zapper uses a light not people. Bugs fly into the device and get electrocuted with a high powered grid of electricity.

The bug zapper is designed to be safe. It will not hurt you or your pet. Put it on a flat surface, or hang it from the hook in your house.

This bug zapper is good for 1500 sq ft. It can protect outdoor and indoor places like patios, garages, decks, lawns, gardens and living rooms.

HAZKO Mosquito Killer - Indoor Attractant Fly Trap for Mosquitoes, Fruit Flies, Gnats, and Flying Insects

This HAZKO bug zapper attracts the bugs. It works by luring them with light. You can use it to kill flies, gnats, mosquitoes and other bugs without chemicals or pesticides.

Portable Trap - The HAZKO mosquito killer is a portable indoor fly trap that can be moved around quite easily. It runs with power supply through a USB cable.


- Powerfully effective mosquito killer - Gnats, mosquitoes and other small bugs are attracted to the blue light that this gnat killer emits. If they go near, the cyclone will suck them into the indoor fly trap. The bugs will die quickly because they dehydrate.

- Thicker Waterproof Material - Idler dust caps and the shoulder bushing are two things that you can use to make your machine waterproof. They help keep water out of it.

- Idler dust caps & shouldered bushing assembly - We've added idler dust caps and shoulder bushing assembly to make sure

Homesuit Bug Zapper 15W for Outdoor and Indoor ,High Powered 4000V Electric Mosquito Zappers

The high-powered 15W bug zapper is designed for indoor use: living room, kitchen, bedroom, basement, enclosed garage, café, restaurant, store, office and hospital. The bug zapper comes with a removable washable tray for collecting dead insects. The electronic grid has an effective range of up to 1m (3.28 feet) and can be used as a portable mosquito killer or placed on the wall to provide protection against flying insects in large areas such as halls and corridors. It is easy to use. You just need to plug it in at any standard outlet.


This product kills insects with an electric grid inside. It attracts mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs by releasing specific wavelengths of light. It has 15W high-intensity ultraviolet Electronic lamp release specific wavelength 365nm to attract mosquitoes, gnats, aedes mosquitoes, flies, moths and other most insects.

This bug zapper is made of fireproof and handy ABS material. It can be resistant to high temperature. This will meet the fly zap need in your home or garden.

Our mosquito killer is safe. It is made of fireproof and handy ABS material. This means it won't catch on fire, no matter how high the temperature. The fly zapper also meets safety standards.

- PROTECTIVE CAGE TO PREVENT ACCIDENTAL CONTACT WITH GRID BY PEOPLE OR PETS: Protective cage to prevent accidental contact with grid by people or pets.

- This lamp releases specific waves of light. The waves are 365nm. With this light, you will be able to attract mosquitoes, gnats, aedes mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

Livin’ Electric Mosquito Zapper

Livin’ Insects Killer is a high voltage mosquito zapper. It can kill mosquitoes and other bugs that are harmful to humans. It uses high powered ultraviolet light to attract bugs. Once they fly in the device.


This electric fly killer and mosquito zapper is a good way to get rid of flying pests. It can kill flies with 4,000V power.

This weatherproof mosquito killer lamp and outdoor bug zapper protects both indoor and outdoor spaces like your bedroom, living room, kitchen, patio, deck, and backyard from flying insects.

- TRIPLE MOSQUITO CONTROL: FEATURING AN 18W UVA BUG LIGHT - The UV light attracts bugs to the electric.

1,500 SQUARE FEET COVERAGE - The Livin' Well Bug Zapper is a high powered electric fly killer that uses 4,000V of electric fly killer power to effectively get rid of flying pests. Our bug zapper and mosquito trap covers up to 1,500 square feet.

This lamp and bug zapper keeps you safe from bugs. It is weatherproof. You can use it inside and outside your home.

This bug light has UV light which kills bugs. It is safe for every family member!

Electric Bug Zapper Strongest Indoor 2800 Volt UV Lamp Insect Killer

Electric Bug Zapper/Pest Repeller Control-Strongest Indoor 2800 Volt UV Lamp Fly Killer Mosquito Killer Trap,Bug Zapper Electronic Pest Repellent Insect Killer for Home Garden Patio Lawn Yard Outdoor Deck Porch Indoor Use.

This new product is designed to get rid of flies, mosquitoes and other bugs. It uses high voltage electric shock that kills the bugs. There are no poisons or chemicals in it.


-2800 Volt High Kill Transformer

- 360° Child-proof Protective Grid

- Brand UVA Light

- Safe and Easy Maintenance

This pest killer has a safe voltage of 2800V. It will kill smaller insects on impact, and it will also work to kill any harmful biting insect with 6,000 square feet of effective coverage. This is cheaper than your regular pest killer because you do not need to clean the grid as often.

- 360° CHILD-PROOF PROTECTIVE GRID: Brand UVA light attracts and zaps mosquitoes and other flying bugs for you while keeping children safe from electric shock or injury. The protective grid keeps them away from danger without harming them in any way by using a non-toxic glue that sticks insects on contact but doesn't harm human skin at all!

6 Things to consider when buy katchy indoor insect trap

1. The best-selling model with an attractive design, great reviews, and affordable price tag!

2. The newest addition to our line that has been highly anticipated by our customers!

3. A sturdy metal cage that will last for years in any environment

4. Understand the usage and Consider the size and shape of an insect trap

5. Understand what's included in the package (insect bait, light bulbs) and whether these components are replaceable or rechargeable

6. Check out customer reviews for any previous buyers who have used this product before you buy it yourself

Frequently Asked Questions On Katchy Traps

Can I use this trap outside as well as inside my home or office space?

Yes, Katchy Trap can be used both indoors insect killer as well as outdoors!

What are some other insects besides spiders that these traps work on?

These traps have been designed specifically for spiders so they may not be effective against other types of bugs.

How many bugs does each trap hold at once?

Each trap holds up to 8 large spiders at once.


The best katchy indoor insect trap is the one that will work for you. We've given you all of the information to make an educated decision, but if you still have questions or want more help deciding which product is right for your home, feel free to contact us any time! We would be happy to answer any of your questions about our products and how they can benefit your life.

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