How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades without Removing | 8 Easy and Safe Ways

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Sharpening blades of a lawnmower is not something that we do every day. But you cannot keep the tall long grass on your lawn inviting all the mosquitoes in your house! If you want to enjoy perfect yard-time with your family, it is necessary to keep the lawn clean. And so, sharpening the lawnmower blade is vital.

But taking off the mower blade and sharpening it can be difficult for you. Also, if you are alone, it can be time-consuming too. For saving your time and effort, you can go for sharpening the lawnmower blades without removing them. Yes, you can do it!

Today, we will discuss how you can make the blades of your lawnmower sharp once again without taking off the blades!

8 Easy Steps on How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing

  1. The Preparation
  2. Gas Tank Sealing
  3. Tilt the Vehicle
  4. Keep the Balance
  5. Make the mower Blade Stable
  6. Blade Cleaning
  7. Start Sharpening
  8. Set up the Mower

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Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening

How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades without Removing
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This easy step-by-step method of sharpening the lawnmower blade without taking off them will help you save your energy! Read it one by one, prepare for it and do it!

Step 1: The Preparation

First of all, you have to hold the lawn mower on a surface that is even and has no curves. If the surface is uneven, it will be tough for you to work with it. Make sure space is even. In this case, you can take the mower in your yard with uniform soil.

Or you can also settle it in your garage for working comfortably. No matter where you set it, certify that there is enough light to work without any disturbance.

After placing the mower, you have to take off the spark plug. If you do not do it, there is a chance that your mower starts suddenly and there can be severe accidents.

Step 2: Gas Tank Sealing

Once you are done with the placement of the mower and taking off the spark plug, you have to work with the gas tank of your lawn mower deck. Get your hands on the gas tank’s lid. Hold it carefully and take it off.

Now, search for a plastic tic bag. All you have to do is position it over the gas tank’s mouth. After placing, get the lid once again and set it in its right place.

Step 3: Tilt the Vehicle

Hold the lawn mower properly. Make sure that you are firm when you hold it. Slowly, you have to tilt it. Go for sideways while tilting.

Here, your job is to get your hands on the mower blade that you cannot see if the mower is not tilted. Before you do it, you have to check for the fuel tank of the mower. The tank should be full when you tilt it. Also, go through the carburetor beforehand.

The carburetor of the mower must be set in the upper position. After ensuring both of these, you are free to tilt it.

Step 4: Keep the Blade Balance

Once you have tilted it carefully, you have to pick up a wooden block and position it on the opposite side of the mower.

Your job here is to keep the blade balancer of the lawn mower and make it stable enough for the next steps. You might think that it is not necessary to do this but trust us; if you do not go for this one, there is a chance that your mower will fall.

So, whenever you plan to sharpen the mower blade from the lawnmower without removing it, this is a must-follow step for you.

Step 5: Make the Blade Stable

As you have set the first wooden block carefully, you have to go for the second one. This block with be working with the blades. Take it and place it carefully under the blades.

Ensure that you are keeping it diagonally. It will help in preventing every sort of blade movement making the mower blade more stable.

However, you have to check for the blade’s movement even after placing the wooden block. If it moves, hold it and place it to certify it is stable and so is the blade.

Step 6: Blade Cleaning

So, now your blade and the mower both are properly balanced. It is time for cleaning the lawn mower blade. For cleaning the lawnmower’s blade, you will need a brush. As this blade is rough, you have to settle for a rough sharp blade too.

We recommend you get a steel wire brush. This is capable of removing all the rust from your mower blade. Along with this, after cleaning, you will see no dirt at all! This brush will clean up the dirt from the blade’s surface and make it tidy.

While cleaning, you have to go through the lawn mower’s deck and beneath too. Carefully, take your mower blade there and clean that underside. Commonly, you will see dirt, dust, and grass clippings there. All you need to do is clean it up with care.

Step 7: Start Sharpening

When the cleaning process of the lawn mower blade is done, it is time for you to do what your actual plan is. Yes, we are talking about the sharpening step. In this step, we will tell you how to sharpen the lawn mower blade keeping it adding to the mower, and get back the previous strength once again!

For this, you will require on flat file at first. Check the cutting sharp edge of your mower’s blade. Hold the flat file and position it exactly at the cutting edge. Now, start sharpening the blade. When you start it, get your hands on the middle section first.

Start from the center of your new blade and keep sharpening. In this case, maintaining the perfect angle is compulsory. You have to sharpen one side at first. Once you are done properly, you have to go through the other side of your mower’s blade and sharpen the other side. Keep sharpening for a while and you will see it is done!

Step 8: Set up the riding lawn Mower

So, you have sharpened the blade of your mower without removing it from your lawn mower. And as you are done now, you have to take your mower back to the regular stage. For this, you have to hold the mower and slowly, take it down.

When it is placed on the ground properly, you have to open the lawn mower’s fuel tank lid just like before. Now, it is time for removing the plastic bag. Hold it carefully and take it off.

And once again, you have to go through the lid and replace it again! So, now the push mower is ready with a blade that can work like the new one! Try your mower in your yard and let us know how the sharpened blade worked!

FAQs on How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing

Can you sharpen the lawn mower blades while the reel mower is on?

This is a very common question when it comes to mower blade sharpener. Yes, we agree that the blade is dull right now and cannot cut the grass properly. But do you rub the razor on your hand when the blade is dull? Exactly, you don’t! Though it is dull blade, it can cut the grass. And there is a case it can hurt you when you try to sharpen the grass blade when the riding mower is switched on. Go for the perfect tool and sharpen it when the mower is off.

Do you need to sharpen both sides of a lawn mower blade?

You might find it unnecessary to sharpen both sides of the lawn mower blades; we should assure you that you need to! When the mower is dull, you have to take off the blade and sharpen both sides. Or you can skip taking it off and keep it there while sharpening. If you want a healthy and green lawn, make sure both sides are sharp. Also, it will save your grass cutting time and make it swift!

How long will a mower blade last?

After every use of 20 hours to 25 hours, you should sharpen the lawn mower blade. And after every sharpening, a goo-grade blade will last for some time. And if you are thinking about the lifetime of a blade, let us tell you, you can use a good-quality blade for about 100 hours to 200 hours. And if you go for a high-grade blade, those might last for about 400 hours or more!

Wrap Up

Never worry about the uncut grass of your yard anymore! When the blade is not sharp at all, all you need is to sharpen it. And when removing the blade is tough for you, do it without removing it! Go through the steps on how to sharpen lawn mower blades without removing we have mentioned above and you can do it easily without too much effort!

Don’t forget to comment below about how the method worked. While sharpening, make sure you are consistent. Also, do not sharpen it too much; go for just the right amount!

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