How to Sharpen a Hatchet The Right Way | Best Method to Sharp Edge

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A dull axe will not only take too much time for woodwork but also will tire you a lot! Why would you prefer a dull hatchet edges that is less efficient? So, all you have to do is get the hatchet and start sharpening it.

But do you know how to sharpen a hatchet? No worries! We are here to tell you the easy methods of sharpening a hatchet. There are several methods for working with the dull hatchet but here, we will only talk about the most common and easy methods!

How to Sharpen a Hatchet The Right Way


When you plan to use a hatchet, it is better to get the perfect edges so that you can do your work properly. And for that job, sharpening it with whetstones is going to save your life! If you have ever sharpened knives, you will know the importance of whetstones. As these are coarse, you can easily sharpen the hatchet with these.

  • All you need to do is get a whetstone and place it on an even and sturdy surface.
  • Get your hands on the blade of your hatchet and position it on the stone. Make sure that the angle you set it matches the angle of the bevel.
  • Hold the blade and pull it back across the whetstone. Go for 10-15 strokes on each side and you are done!

Rotary Tools

If you need to sharpen your hatchet and blades of the same type more often, you can purchase rotary tools to make the process easier. In some cases, people settle for grinding tools but those are not portable. If you want a lightweight option, the handheld rotary tools can be incredible. If you add it up with a grinding wheel or grinding stone, you will find it easy to carry.

  • First of all, you have to clamp the hatcher.
  • Now, get the hands on the hatchet and work the grinder against the blade of your hatchet.
  • After a while, you will find that your hatchet is perfectly sharpened!

How to Sharpen a Hatchet right way
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Grinding Wheels

If you want to name a classic sharpening tool, the name of grinding wheels comes before everything! No matter you are searching for sharp blade edge or for grinding nicks and the deformations, this can help you wherever you need sharpening! If you settle for a whetstone or mill file, you have to provide additional time for the work.

However, a grinding wheel will do the work in half of the time. These are table-top power tools designed with heavy-duty work-ability and so, keep in mind that these will be a bit heavy.

  • Firstly, you have to check the flat of the grinder and position the blade against it. In this case too, you have to certify that the angle matches the bevel properly.
  • All you need to do is take it back and forth repeatedly. Go against the wheel and this back and forth movement will sharpen the edges.
  • After you are done with one side, flip the hatchet and work with the other one!

Mill Files

If you do not need to sharpen the hatchet regularly and you do it once in a while, it is better not to invest so much money on the heavy tools. Get a mill file and it will be enough for sharpening the hatchet you have.

  • Take the head of your hatchet and clamp it between the knees first. Here, remember to keep the blade facing the outwards. If you are in your home, you can also position it in a vice.
  • Now, get your hands on the end of the file and place it against the axe blade. Keep the angle matched to the bevel here. Draw the mill file across the hatchet’s blade.
  • All you have to do is go for steady pressure and make sure that the strokes are long. Go for 5-7 strokes on each side. You are done!

FAQs on Sharpening a Hatchet

How do you sharpen a hatchet at home?

In most cases, we prefer the grinding wheel or a rotary tool for sharpening a hatchet if you are a professional. But if you are a newbie or you just want to sharpen the hatchet at your home, it is better that you settle for a mill file. Mill file is a safer option too. Also, if you don’t have a mill file, working with a whetstone will also be easy.

Which whetstone to use to sharpen a dull hatchet?

For sharpening a dull axe, you can go through any process. But if you plan to get the work done with a whetstone, in that case, choosing the right whetstone can be complicated. We recommend you to go for 1000 to 3000 grit stones for sharpening the dull edges of your hatchet.

Should a hatchet be sharp?

Yes, the hatchet you are planning to use for the next woodworking project should be sharp. If it is not sharp enough, it won’t be able to cut the wood properly. It will take too much effort and time. The sharper the tool, the better and easier the woodworking process!

Final Note

Never worry about a dull hatchet because you can get the edges sharp anytime you want with the easy tricks we have mentioned above! Check them out and try them at home!

While working with such stuff, make sure you wear protective gloves, eyeglasses and other necessary safety gears. Keep in mind that your safety is the first priority!

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