How to Install Dewalt Trimmer Line Properly | Instruction Manual 2022

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A trimmer is great to keep but tough to maintain! Yes, when it comes to installing the trimmer line, it gets complicated because not all the models of trimmers are made in the same process. And so, the different models will need a different method of installation!

If you own a Dewalt trimmer, we can help you with the installation of your trimmer line. Do you want to know how to install Dewalt trimmer line? If yes, stay tuned!

Here is the whole process in a precise version and with easy diction! Check it out!

Guide to Install Dewalt Trimmer Line

Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you in installing the Dewalt trimmer line. This procedure takes time, we do not disagree. But it is worth your time, trust our words! Check it out and try it on your own!

Step 1: Remove the Battery

The first thing you need to do when it comes to installing any trimmer line including the Dewalt one is to remove the battery. When there is a live battery and you still want to install the trimmer line, you will go through serious accidents. Also, in the middle of the repair, if there is a chance of the battery going live, it can cause severe damage to your body and the property.

So, take care of the battery beforehand. The best way is to run the battery for a long period. Slowly, you will see that it will peter out of gas. Here, all you need to do is unplug it first and then take off the battery.

Step 2: Remove the Trimmer Head

Now that the battery is already dead and you have removed it, you have to take care of the trimmer head. For this, you have to search for the indicator knob. The color of this knob is white. Search for it and once you get it, you have to turn it clockwise. After turning, hold it and push it down. In this situation, you must confirm that the indicator knob is away from the spool window.

Sometimes, it is very tough to deal with the knob. If you are in the same condition, you must spin the trimmer head to the left from the right position. In this way, you can easily unlock the indicator knob.

Step 3: Pull the Trimmer Head

As you have dealt with the indicator knob, it is time to take off the trimmer head carefully. Often, this is known as the spool cab. Whatever you call it, you must remove the trimmer head in this place.

However, some of the Dewalt trimmers will not need you to pull the trimmer head. But most of them require this process. Once you see the trimmer head, you will know if it needs to be pulled out or not.

Or you can also go through the owner’s manual and then ensure if it requires any sort of pulling of the trimmer head or not. Do not pull it if you are unsure.

Step 4: Remove the Trimmer Line

Yes, you are installing a new trimmer line. This means you have to get rid of the previous trimmer line, isn’t it? Here, all you need to do is get your hands at work and take off the previous trimmer line. Make sure you are very careful while you do it.

There will be grass inside of the trimmer. And for these grasses, most of the used trimmers will get clogged inside. You cannot proceed to the next step if you are not completely clean. So, before you move to the next stop, we recommend you clean the grass that is inside along with the entire gunk.

Step 5: Check the Head

Now it is time for you to check the head of the trimmer. As you are going to install the trimmer line the holes in the head require to be lined up in a straight row. If you see that all the holes are lined up in a straight tow, you can go for the next step.

Along with this, you have to check for the marks that will help you learn about the winding direction of the trimmer head. Keep this in mind, it will aid you later!

Step 6: Trim the Line

Once you are ready after checking the head, you can start trimming the line. In most cases, the line will come pre-cut. However, there are times when you do not get it pre-cut. In such situations, you need to cut the line. For installing the trimmer line, you will need to cut more or less 20 feet in total. Go through it and make it perfect.

Step 7: Insert the Line

As you are done with trimming the line perfectly, you can move to insert the trimmer line. All you have to do here is insert it into the jam hole. Be careful while you do it so that you do not end up damaging the whole setup.

When you are done with installing the trimmer line properly inside the jam hole, get your hands on winding the trimmer head. For this, you must check the indicator arrow. Otherwise, you will not know on which side you have to wind. So, check the indicator arrow on the side of the trimmer head and then start the winding process.

You have to keep doing this work for a while. After a while, you will see that you have installed the winding properly. In this position, check around the trimmer head. You will see that there is 2-3 inches trimmer line is attached at the outside part of the trimmer head.

Step 8: Insert the Line Once Again

You are almost done. But if you own a dual-feed trimmer line, you have to go through one extra process to make the installation work. All you need here is to repeat the same process so that the trimmer head is properly inserted.

You must repeat this at the other end of the trimmer. Go for a flat head screwdriver and work with it when you are dealing with a traditional trimmer. This will make your winding process more comfortable. You might see that the dual lines of the trimmer face the opposite. This is very normal.

Step 9: Push the Spool Cap

In the last stage, you will see that you have feeding lines every day. And when both sides have feeding lines, you have to start pushing the spool cap down on your trimmer. Here, keep your ear sharp. You will hear that the white indicator knob is clicking and it is going into a locking position.

However, on bad days, you might not see the knob automatically turning into a locking position. In that case, you must tweak the knob. Keep tweaking and after a while, you will surely heat the click! You are done installing the Dewalt trimmer line!

What to Remember while Installing Dewalt Trimmer Line

  • Always rely on the manual guideline before you install the Dewalt trimmer line
  • Removing and installing trimmer head on gas models require more attention and care
  • Be gentle and careful while moving the trimmer head
  • Clean the debris after removing the old trimmer line
  • Checking the marks that help in indicating the winding direction is helpful

Which way do you wind a trimmer line?

How to Install Dewalt Trimmer Line properly
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When it comes to winding a trimmer line, you have to go in the opposite direction. Yes, you need to wind the string in exactly the opposite manner. If you do not go oppositely, when you will operate the trimmer, this will slowly start unwinding. There are so many trimmer heads that spin clockwise but in reality, they should go counterclockwise!

What is a better straight or curved shaft trimmer?

The shaft trimmer is lighter than the straight trimmer. The weight difference is slight but yet, it is a vital point to note. Along with this, in terms of height, the curved shaft trimmer is shorter than the straight trimmer. As the shape is curved, the size is small and the height is short.

As a result, you can get more control over the device. However, the flexibility is not high here. On the other hand, if you go for a straight trimmer, you can settle exactly at the right place to trim. Even in the tight areas, it is easy to trim with a shaft trimmer because curved shafts usually cannot go into these areas because they have curves.

Why do straight shaft trimmers turn counterclockwise?

The trimmers are designed to spin counterclockwise. The reason behind this is it helps in shooting the debris and dirt away from you. You have to get your hands on the trimmer head and tilt it a bit. Move it to the right. In this way, the debris will blow forward. This will happen if you go for trimming your sidewalks too!

Wrap Up

The easy method of installing a Dewalt trimmer line is mentioned above. We have described it in the easiest way possible. All you need to do is keep pace with the step-by-step guide and follow each of them to do better!

Have you ever installed a Dewalt trimmer line before? How did it go? Do you find it easy? Comment below to let us know about your experience!

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