How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner | 8 Effective Tricks

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A vacuum cleaner cleans the whole house. But did you know that something that cleans the whole house also requires cleaning? Yes, today we are here to talk about how to clean a vacuum cleaner!

A robot vacuum requires proper cleaning once or twice a year. This deep cleaning method includes cleaning the outer parts, inner parts, and attachments.

If you plan to clean it, you can go through the easy trick of cleaning it! Check out the process and clean your cleaner during your weekend!

Step by Step Cleaning a Vacuum Cleaner

Here is a step-by-step process of cleaning a vacuum cleaner. Make time on any of your weekends and take your cleaner to a bath! After all, we all need a bath!

Step 1: Detach the Vacuum

Your first work is to detach the vacuum cleaner’s parts so that you can start cleaning every part with care. For this, you must dispose of the dust and dirt. Usually, you will get this in the canister or the dust bag. After removing the dust bagged vacuum, you have to check for the detachable parts. Go through the washable parts too. The parts will include the additional attachments along with the filter.

Step 2: Filter Cleaning

Your next job is the clean the filter properly. The handheld vacuum cleaners these days include multiple filters. All you have to do is clean all the filters. First of all, take off the washable filters and clean them. You need to scrub them off with the help of a roller brush or an old toothbrush.

With the help of cool water, rinse it. If you want to add disinfectant, use it in this process. You have to air dry the vacuum filter. It will take more or less 24 hours to dry it. If you have non-washable hepa filter, you have to tap the filters on a hard surface and loosen the mud.

Take off all the dust and particles that are clumped there. Go for a clean cloth and wipe the dirt off. If you want to change the filters and add the new ones, you can throw the old filters away and add the new ones here.

Step 3: Dust Bag or Canister or Cleaning

After cleaning the filters, you have to go through the dust bag and clean it. Take the bust bag and clean the vacuum dust bag with care. Usually, you can the dust bag after every vacuum cleaning of your house. Clean the dust bag in the same manner.

In most cases, Dyson vacuum cleaners these days include dust bags. However, some of them include a canister and it is an amazing idea to clean the canister so that you can get better performance out of your vacuum cleaner filter. First, empty the canister after separating it from the vacuuming unit of your cleaner. Get some soapy water.

Make sure it is warm and add some disinfectant to clean it. Get it inside the water and soak it there. Let it rest there for a while and scrub it off with the help of a brush. Get cool water and rinse it off. With the filters, dry the canister in the air too.

Step 4: Interior Cleaning

As the canister is taken out and so are the other attachments, you can easily clean the interior part now. All you need is a brush and clean the inner part. For this, get the brush inside and remove all the dirt you see. Scrub the whole interior with the brush and take off all the dirt. In this process, make sure that you are going with downward stokes to get off the dirt.

Otherwise, you will see that the dirt and dust are going inwards instead of getting out. You must repeat the scrubbing as long as you need. In this manner, you can get a completely cleaned interior of the vacuum cleaner. You must remember that not only the dust bag but also the whole interior gets dirty when then dirt gets inside the vacuum cleaner.

After taking the dirt off with the help of the brush, you have to get compressed air. A blast of air will help you take off the stubborn debris. Inside the vacuum cleaner, there is dirt that you cannot reach. This hard-to-reach debris is tough to remove with a brush. With the help of a vacuuming air blast, you can remove this dogged debris and get a spotless interior. However, you have to make sure that you take care of the flying particles while cleaning the interior.

During cleaning, you will surely see that these flying objects will get inside your eyes. Also, these can get into each airway while you breathe in. Certify that you are wearing proper masks to keep the flying objects away as these can trigger your allergic reaction. For pet hair in bare floor, you should apply upright vacuum cleaner hose.

Step 5: Beater bar Cleaning

We often forget about the beater bar when it comes to cleaning the vacuum cleaner. However, there are a lot of things that can get inside this part and keep your cleaner away from doing what it should. In most cases, the stuff inside includes clean hair. So, you have to remove the hair first.

For this, trimming the hair is a must. Get a seam ripper or a scissor and trim them off. After trimming, get your hands and pull the hair along with the dirt stuck there. Make sure you are wearing the required gloves while you do this. Do not damage the bristles, be gentle.

Check if there is any rotating brush inside the vacuum cleaner. If you see one, remove it first. Behind it, there is a space that you have to clean too. Now, check for debris that can stop your vacuum cleaner work better. Remove the by rubbing with a cotton pad. Also, don’t forget to disinfect the bottom part of the vacuum cleaner.

Step 6: Accessories Cleaning

Now it is time to clean the additional accessories that help you while cleaning with a robotic vacuum cleaner. Get some water once again and get all the washable accessories and get the, inside the water.

After soaking them there, scrub the accessories with care and then wash them with clean water. There might be hair caught up there. Trim them with scissors and take them off. After washing them off, you have to air dry the parts.

Step 7: Exterior Cleaning

Once you are done with all the interior cleaning, you can move forward to cleaning the exterior part of the vacuum cleaner. For this, you have to get a microfiber cloth. Clean the outer portion with the cloth. Wipe it down to remove debris from the vacuuming unit. You might require adding some alcohol to clean it properly. Adding the liquid, rub it a bit, and wipe it off once again.

Step 8: Assembly

Once you are done with cleaning and air drying all the parts of the vacuum cleaner, it is time to reassemble the cleaner and make it whole once again. Get all the parts to their previous places and add them up. After adding all the parts, wipe it off with a clean cloth, and you are done!

Frequently Asked Questions on Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning

How do you clean a vacuum cleaner?

First, empty the cleaner and get rid of all the trash. Get some anti-bacterial wipe or add disinfectant to some soapy water. Wipe the cleaner with a cloth or store-bought wipe. Let it dry. Go through the canister vacuum and the attachment and clean them with water. Clean the washable filter in the same manner and air dry all the gears you have cleaned!

How much does it cost to clean a vacuum?

A bagless vacuum cleaner cleans the whole house for you without any cost! But when it comes to cleaning the vacuum cleaner hose, you might require a lot of money! Yes, if you go to a professional for cleaning your vacuum cleaner, the typical range is from $107 to $439. In some cases, the low-end vacuum cleaner cleaning starts from $50, and for the high-end cleaner; it might go up to $900 or more. So, without wasting so much money here, you can do it on your own by the process we have mentioned above!

How often should I clean my vacuum?

If you are talking about cleaning the individual parts of your vacuum cleaner, you can do it more often. However, if you want to clean the whole vacuum hose, according to professionals, you must do it once a year. You can do it twice a year to ensure hygiene. All you need is hot water, dish soap, disinfectant, cleaning brush roll, and compressed air can!

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner Wrap Up

Check the process of cleaning your vacuum cleaner in a very short time without wasting dollars on the experts. We recommend you save your money! Along with this, cleaning a vacuum is not that tough. Moreover, you have to do it once or twice a year! Go for it and do it alone!

You can also take the help of any of your family members or your friends. Let us know how the method worked for you in the comment box!

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