Greenworks Leaf Vacuum Reviews in 2021 | Variable Speed Leaf Blower

Fact Checked By James A Weber | Post Updated On: March 30, 2021

greenworks leaf vacuum
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If you have a larger yard, the toughest job is to clean the leaves. Along with the debris, picking up all the leaves is super annoying. Thanks to the leaf vacuums that can clean all the leaves, remove the debris, and make your lawn as clean as a new one.

The best part of a leaf vacuum is the speed. It can run at a higher speed and also includes nozzles for perfection. And these days, we are hearing the name of Greenworks a lot!

So, today, we will discuss Greenworks Leaf Vacuum, often known as Greenworks Leaf Bowlers, and learn why you should purchase one of them!

Features of Greenworks Leaf Bowlers

Greenworks, a brand of vacuum, is making progressive changes in the vacuum market by affording quality products. When you are tired of gas-powered tools, you can go to Greenworks and enjoy some peace! Let us learn about Greenworks Leaf Vacuum a bit more!

Battery Power

The best part of the Greenworks leaf vacuum is its battery that will afford you performance and durability together! These days, the Greenworks 24322 is leading the market with their 40 volts power!

However, they also manufacture 24-volt, 60-volt, and 82-volt power equipment. For introducing you to the commercial-grade gears, they make special vacuums of 82-volt battery too!

Apart from this, when it comes to the charge, it affords an outstanding time! No matter how much debris you need to clean, the battery won’t die soon!


After the battery, we want to talk about the motor. They manufacture both brushed and brushless motors.

With their innovative newly formed brushless motor technology, you will get durability and torque together. Yes, the added 30% torque will surely add power to your cleaning job.

greenworks leaf vacuum reviews
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Speed Settings

Another amazing factor about this vacuum company is they provide you with speed settings so that you are capable of adjusting the speed when you need it.

Whenever you want to control the wind speed, all you need to do is go through the regular and it will do its job!

Turn it and reduce the speed and in the same way, turn it, the wind speed will be higher! Along with that, a Turbo button is added in some vacuums so that you can go for a lot of wind!


The leaf vacuums by Greenworks are designed easily. Even if you are new to vacuum cleaning, you can easily understand the process of using it.

All you need to do is press the start button and you are ready for the cleaning! It will never require mixing gas and oil! On the other end, you don’t need to go through cords anymore.

Things are easier now. There are directional controls in some of them for your ease of work. With these, you will get different lawn tools for cleaning your lawn!


When we deal with vacuum, noise is a common problem as the equipment is larger. But the best part is this vacuum will never bother your children when you are studying! As a result, there will be less noise while you work. The vibration will be low too!

Frequently Asked Questions on Greenworks Leaf Bowler

Are Greenworks leaf bowlers good?

If cleaning the yard is all you need, a leaf vacuum can save your day! One of the ideal brands in the market that have kept their promise of providing power properly is this brand. The bowler or vacuum is easy to carry and use too! For powerful cleanup, all you need is to adjust the speed settings.

Does leaf vacuum work fine?

People often get confused if the leaf vacuum these days is worthy of their investment or not. On that note, let us tell you, yes the leaf vacuum work incredibly. We usually clean the spaces between the plants. But we forget that inner part of the plants. And this is where a leaf vacuum can help!

How does a leaf vacuum work?

Just like regular vacuums, these work for cleaning the dirt and debris from your lawn. However, these are more powerful. The vacuums like this include nozzles. And with these, they can clean every small part of your plants. It works by collecting all the leaves and shredding them into small pieces.

Wrap Up

If you ever plan to get a vacuum for your lawn, you must consider Greenworks Leaf Vacuum as your first preference. The products by this brand are not only good at performance but they will save your money by lasting a long period!

So, try the vacuums by this brand and you will never get tired of cleaning the lawn anymore! All you need is to press one button, that’s easy as pie!

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