Electric Brad Nailer | How To Use For Small Project

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So, you are here because you want to be a pro in the work-working sector! In this case, it is important to learn about the equipment that you need in the procedure.

Such an equipment is a brad nailer. When it comes to the electric brad nailer, you must learn what it is and where you can make use of it!

So, today, we will talk about the definition of the device and about how it works. Also, we will discuss where you cannot use it! Let us jump right into the details of the appliance!

What is an Electric Brad Nailer?

Most of the newbie might not know about this electrically powered tool. The work of this is firing 18 gauge brads and most importantly, there are no staples at all!

How does it work?

The electric brad nailer has options for both corded and cordless models. With the help of electric charge, this tool deals with loading the air compression.

Keep in mind that the chamber discharging is the base here. The power that shoots the brad usually comes from this one! Mostly, the brads are constructed in a 18-gauge design. The length of the brads is basically 2 inches.

Price Point of an Electric Brad Nailer

If you are new here, you might concern yourself with the price of this product. For your convenience, let us tell, you will need to invest about $50 to $120.

Another thing that you must keep in mind that the cordless models provide your portability and lightweight nature. As a result, the price of the cordless models will be a bit higher.

On the other side, the cordless models will be a bit on the higher side when it comes to the price point. So, before you buy it, make sure you check and re-check the price.

The Importance of Electric Brad Nailer?

  • The first reason why the professionals and DIY-ers buy the electric brad nailer is the trimming issue. It helps in trimming the inside portion of the window. Along with this, the interior part of the doors can be trimmed with this device too!
  • If you are here for work with your new cabinet, you can pick up this one. Also, the furniture work will require you to use an electric brad nailer.
  • When it comes to crown molding, it is a good trick to add this to your box. List Element
  • People that love to work with picture frames can be highly helped by the brad nailer
  • When you deal with panelling, you will suffer a lot and this device can reduce your sufferings; try it!
  • If you are a person that loves to go through shoe-moulding or quarter-round moulding, nothing can be better to you than purchasing the electric brad nailer!

NB: If you think that such a brad nailer will help you in tacking up insulation, you are doing it wrong! Tacking up plastic sheeting or any other thin materials is not the work of this brad nailer.

For that to work, you will need a brad gun or the stapler one. When you settle for the two-pronged staples, you can easily get your hands on the ultra-thin materials.

This will keep away from all sorts of tear up. When it comes to the single-prong brads, these can fire them too! It will go up to more or less 1/2-inches.

FAQs on Brad Nailer Electric Models

What is the difference between a brad nailer and a finish-nailer?

New woodworkers are often confused about the difference between a finish-nailer and a brad nailer. We will discuss it in short here. First of all, the brad nailers that we usually deal with are of 18-gauge nails. So, this gun shoots about 18-gauge nails.

On the other hand, the finish nailers are popular as 16-gauge nail shooters. Also, these are available in 15-gauge shooters too! If you want to add thin trims, you must pick up a brad nailer. Also, it is good for moldings. The best part is, you will never need any putty for the process!

Can you use a brad nailer for baseboards?

While working with a baseboards, we often see professionals dealing with the brad nailer. So, in easy terms, yes, the brad nailer is safe to use with baseboards! The fire brads you see have a length of more or less 2-inch.

This is capable of penetrating any molding that has 3/4-inch thickness! Also, if you go for drywall, it can work with the ones that have 1/2-inch thickness. If you are planning to deal with the baseplate or wall studs, let us tell you, these will bit into the framing lumber of these both and make the work easier for you!

Can I use a brad nailer for construction?

However, when you pick up an electric brad nailer, you must understand that this is not designed for construction work. So, never try to pick it up for framing a house.

This will not work for nailing a 2×4 too! If you want to settle for this, you must get a pneumatic framing nailer. It must come with a stick or coil magazine. These will help in firing nails of 1 1/2-inch to 3 1/2-inch.

Final Note

If you are a newbie, it will take time to learn about the proper use of the electric brad nailer. And even if you are a seasoned woodworker, they say “better late than never.” All you can do now is check out the details of the appliance and learn how to deal with it!

Don’t forget to comment below about what appliance you use instead of a brad nailer. How is your electric brad nailer working? Is it worth the money? Please share it with us!

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