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How To Use a Powered Reel Mower | 10 Best Things to Know About Using a Power Mower at Work

powered reel mower

The first thing you will need to do is figure out where your lawnmower cord plugs in. If it’s not near the area where you’re going to be mowing, then make sure that there is an extension cord long enough for you to reach the power source. Next, pull out the reel and attach it … Read more

Lawn Mower Surging | Top 5 Troubleshooting Guide 2021

Lawn mower surging

A very common problem that the lawn mower users complain is the engine surging. Surging refers to the engine starting properly but stopping in the middle with a misfire or surge. In such situations, you must know what to do! Let us know how you can confront lawn mower surging and get your lawn mower engine … Read more

How to Sharpen a Hatchet The Right Way | Best Method to Sharp Edge

how to sharnpen a hatchet

A dull axe will not only take too much time for woodwork but also will tire you a lot! Why would you prefer a dull hatchet edges that is less efficient? So, all you have to do is get the hatchet and start sharpening it. But do you know how to sharpen a hatchet? No … Read more