Best Toilet Seat to Buy in 2021 | Reviews and Prices

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If the toilet seat is broken, your bathroom will look horrible. More than the outlook, it will affect your comfort! Releasing with comfort requires a perfect toilet seat that brings relaxation along with satisfaction!

But buying the best toilet seat for your toilet is not easy. From the size to the color, features to the compatibility, there are things you need to keep in mind! And this is where we come in!

Today, we will discuss the perfect toilet seat for your toilet that will make you feel good every day you wake up! Take a look!

Our 5 Best Toilet Seats: Reviewed and Compared

Go through these toilet seat reviews so that you can learn which one is the best for you! Go for it!

Mayfair 843SLOW 000 Lannon Toilet Seat

As we are dealing with the toilet seat, the first preference will be this best round toilet seat. Designed in white color, this will fit your modern toilet perfectly. Not only that, if you want it for your traditional toilet setup, you can go for it too! It will fit almost all types of the toilet without any confusion. Whenever the topic is about the material, the question is- what is the toilet seat material? The material completely depends on your preference.

This one by Mayfair is constructed with wood. And so, you can anytime get your hands on this one and stay worry-free. The company promised you no slam at all! So, when you will close the seat of the toilet, it will close slowly. And it will keep away slamming.

Never worry about pinches finger if you pick up this one. Along with this, there will not wiggle too! If you have to worry about the seat coming loose from the toilet bowl, don’t worry at all! There is no chance of the seat being loose!

And here’s your favorite one, the right fit Yes, this toilet seat is the perfect fit for yourwashroom. The front-to-back adjustability will make it the best choice you have done so far! However, if you pick it up you have to go through some proper use and care measures. When you need the right fit, you have to start with the right measurement.

You have to measure from the front part of your toilet seat to the center part of the mounting holes. The best round toilet seat is available in 42 cm. where the elongated seat will be 47 cm. While cleaning the seat, you have to ensure that you do not use any harsh chemicals as the material of the seat is wood. This is better that you take the help of mild soap.

With soap, use water for cleaning purposes. Just the way you clean your hands, you can clean the seat too! If you are worried about the installation of this seat, have faith, this is very easy to install! You will get the installation booklet. If you don’t like it, for making it easy, you can have your eyes on the video added to their site.

It will take only a few minutes to install the most comfortable toilet seat if you look carefully. The fastening system is carefully designed to ensure the right placement. This company is in the market for about 60 years now and so, you do not need to stress about the quality of the product at all!


• White color seat

• Round shaped design

• Constructed with wood

• No slam and no wiggle

• Provides perfect fit

• No scratching and chopping

• Goes with all toilets


• Color varies from the picture

• Cannot withstand chemical cleaners

WSSROGY Elongated Toilet Seat

If you are not in search of the best round toilet seat, you can get your hands on the elongated seat too. This one by the renowned brand will surely make you a fan of this! If you ask, we recommend you this one as thebest toddler toilet seat for your kid! If you have an oval toilet and you want a seat for it, you can always settle for this one as it will fit amazingly.

The size of this seat is 18.5 inches x 14.3 inches. Along with this, the mounting-hole distance is also necessary when you plan to install one. For this toilet seat, it will be about 5.5 inches. The best part is this seat has magnets inserted.

The dual magnet of the potty seat allows you to secure the cover if you are not using it. There is no need to lift it at all! The magnets that are inserted on the sides will help your kid to sit there can release with comfort. Most kids cry when they go to the washroom and sit in the potty seats. But this one is going to prove otherwise!

You never like the toilet seats that make noise when you close them. Pick up this toilet seat if you want no noise while closing! Yes, a high-end toilet seat provides you quiet closure. Also, the closing process is slow so that you do not hear any additional sound that bothers you.

At night, no one is going to wake up listing to the loud sound of the lid or the elongated potty seat! If you are confused about what is the best heated seat material, go for PP! This best soft heated toilet seat is constructed with white PP material. The material is tough and durable for everyday use.

So, you do not need to change this one after a while! The surface is smooth so that you or your kid does not feel discomfort while sitting. If you search for the toilet seats that don’t stain, here it is!

While cleaning, this stain-resistant toilet seat, try to use a soft wet towel. And that will make it shiny as before! If you face any issues with the product within one year, the company promises you a replacement. However, in that case, thebest toddler toilet seat should not be damaged.

While installing, all you have to do is add the rubber pads at the hinge back and then attach the screw to the hinge hole. Move and make sure the seat placement is right and secure the screws by tightening them. Closing the hinge toilet seat cover will do it all! Then you have to work with the washers and the expansion nuts to perfect the position! This comes in white color fitting perfectly with all types of oval toilets!


• White color toilet seat riser

• Elongate design for oval toilets

• Constructed with PP material

• Easy installation and cleaning

• Quite a closure ensured

• A dual magnet for comfort

• Fits the babies and adult


• The adult seat closes very slow

• Slow closure works for the adult seat only

Amazon Basics Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

So, which is the best toilet seat to buy for durability? Yes, this one! Whenever you plan to settle for a durable toilet seat, you can always find your way to this Amazon Basics in our list of toilet seat reviews. Yes, you might think that plastic isn’t the most durable material for toilet seat but the high-grade plastic this company uses will blow you mind! The design of the standard toilet seat is elongated. So, it will fit with almost all types of the oval toilet seat.

No matter what is the interior of your bathroom, it will fit perfectly and look amazing! It is a non-electric bidet attachment. The closing mechanism added to the toilet seat is designed softly. So, it gets easy for you to close it without any discomfort.

When you will close the toilet seat, it will be quiet. At night, when you close the toilet seat, there is usually a loud sound. This will wake up everybody. But with this stain-resistant toilet seat, you will face no noise at all!

Apart from it includes two different nozzles for cleaning. These cleaning nozzles have a self-cleaning facility. So, you do not need to move your hands anymore! Your toilet seat will do it on its own! With the whole kit, you will get the mounting hardware for the installation process.

If you are a pro, you can install this most comfortable toilet seat within minutes. With the hardware, you will also get the required installation manual. Follow the manual and install it easily or you can check the online video for the proper installation.

The top-mount installation is convenient for the newbie too. There is a one-push release available here. It will make all your work easy and neat! Apart from this, there are spray patterns available. Both front and back spray patterns ensure that you get the best out of this elongated toilet seat!


• White color bidet seat

• Non-electric bidet seat

• Elongate design for oval toilet

• Constructed with high-grade material

• One-push release

• Self-cleaning nozzles with spray patterns

• Soft-closing feature


• Two sprays work in the same direction

• Only cold water facility

WSSROGY Round Non-Slip Toilet Seat

So, which is thebest toilet seat to buy with the non-slip facility? Yes, another toilet seat by the brand WSSROGY is included in our list because of the high-grade quality of the product. The previous one had an elongate design when this one has a round design.

If you have a modern bathroom, it will fit the best. However, with the entire traditional washroom too, it will look incredible. This most comfortable toilet seat will blend seamlessly and provide a classic outlook.

The construction of this toilet seat is another amazing story. Not all companies try to manufacture earth-friendly products but this brand is completely different. Most of the toilet seats are either made of wood or plastic. But we cannot forget that plastic is not environment-friendly. And so, with the idea of keeping the environment clean, this toilet seat is manufactured with earth-friendly plastic.

So, the earth is safer if you are with this seat! Apart from that, the outlook of this best round toilet seat will amaze you as it has a glossy outer. The color is white and it will match your toiler. Also, whenever it comes to the cleaning part, you do not need to worry much.

According to the toilet seat reviews, this one is highly comfortable to clean even for new users. Coming to the installation part, you must learn that you can install this toilet seat in two different methods. The best soft toilet seat kit comes with two different sets of accessories. You can go for the plastic screws for the bottom mount installation and you can settle for the metal screws for the top mount installation.

All the required gears and hardware like the bolts and screws come with the kit, so you do not need to run here and there for these at all! If you plan to change the whole loo set, congrats, you can get your hands on it.

But if you are only changing the toilet seat, you have to check the measurements carefully. Any standard round toilet will match perfectly with it. The dimension of this potty seat is 16.5 inches x 14.3 inches and the hole requirement is between 2.5 inches to 6.3 inches. And not to forget, to keep the toilet area noise-free, the soft-close hinge is very helpful. The quiet-tech is added here.

With this, it won’t bother you with any extra noise. Also, there is no chance of your product closing harshly causing dents and bumps on its surface.


• White color toilet seat

• Round-shaped designed

• Quiet-closure facility

• Easy to clean

• Two different installation methods available

• No slamming at all


• Seating on the closed lid can damage it

• Doesn’t include a hinged cover

Bemis Store 7950TDG Commercial Toilet Seat

When you are confused about which is the best toilet seat to buy, go for this! Compared to all the other Bemis toilet seats, this one is loved by users for its outstanding performance. The design of the toilet seat is elongated.

So, if you go for any standard oval-sized toilet, you can always feel free to install this one by Bemis. This stain-resistant toilet seat comes in white color which will match almost all sorts of toilets including the contemporary and the traditional ones.

The construction material is plastic. If you think that plastic is not too durable, we insist you think again! The company works with heavy-dirty high-grade plastic for the construction that makes the loo seat’s lifespan long. They call it commercial plastic and that tells you that this one is mostly used in commercial spaces for ensuring durability.

Also, if you are finding toilet seats that don’t stain, you can rely on this!It will be the best deal for you if you are in search of a raised toilet seat that had never got loose! Yes, there are no callbacks with this one. This most comfortable toilet seat commercial fastening system allows you to install it properly and never face the loose seat again! So, no more wiggle when you seat on your loose seat! Apart from that, you can always rely on the construction material of the product.

The plastic, as we said, is high grade. But along with that, the posts and pintle that come with the set are constructed with stainless steel. Here, 300 series stainless steel is used. This is completely non-corrosive and will provide you service for years! All you need to do is take care of it! The construction material also resists wear and stains on the surface of the seat.

You will face no chips here! To see if it fits your toilet or not you have to take the measurement. Get your hands on the front part of the toilet to the center part of the mounting holes. The round design will be 42 cm and the elongate one will be 47 cm. According to the users, the product is very sturdy. The only drawback is the lid of the toilet seat as it is a bit flimsy. In short, you can use it as a toilet seat but not a seat!


• White color body

• Elongate design for oval toilets

• Constructed with high-grade plastic

• Corrosion-resistant stainless steel attachments

• No wiggle or lose seats

• Fits all standard toilets

• Resistant to stains, wears, and chips


• A little tough to install

• The lid is a little flimsy (for heavyweight people)

Buyer’s Guide on Toilet Seat

No, you cannot just visit the market or an online shopping center and buy any toilet seat. The loo seats are complicated and require a lot of experience to buy if you are in search of the right deal! So, which is the bidet toilet seat to buy for your toilet? Here are some things you have to keep in mind while buying the toilet seat!

Toilet Seat Type

Before you check the bidet toilet seat reviews, go through the types first. There are two different types of toilet seats and they are:

• Round Toilet Seat

• Elongated Toilet Seat

• Round Toilet Seat

Mostly, the seats we often see in traditional houses are round-shaped. But most contemporary houses also keep round toilet seats. These are shorter in size and have a round body. If you feel comfortable in these seats, you can go for them. The best toddler toilet seats are usually round. The standard measurement of such seats is 16.5 inches. And compared to the other seat type, this toilet seat is reasonable in price.

Elongated Toilet Seat

The name tells it all! These are the toilet seats that have an oval shape. If you compare these to the regular toilet seats that are round, you will see that these are a bit longer. Many of the users said that they love these as they are more comfortable than the round ones. But if you go through the price, you will see that these seats are expensive high-end toilet seatscompared to round seats. The standard seat measurement of these seats is 18.5 inches.


When you have dealt with the toilet seat’s shape, you have to deal with the construction here. By construction, we refer to the construction material. So, what is the best seat material for your comfort? There are several types of construction materials available for manufacturing loo seats. We will discuss some of the best soft toilet seat materials here.

Wood Loo Seats

If comfort is your priority, the wooden seat can help you out. If you are going through the winter season, the other seat materials might make you feel cold. In that case, wooden loo seats are incredible. But keep in mind that these are high-end existing toilet seat. But you get what you pay for because this one will last for a longer period! If you ask- what is the best bidet seat material for comfort, we will always tell you to buy the wooden ones.

Plastic Loo Seats

On the other hand, another common loo seat material is plastic. This one is amazing for moderate durability. Along with these, the best part is, you can get them at a very affordable price. These are easy to clean and maintain too! You can get them in several colors and designs.

Note: Apart from these materials, there are also toilet seats made of ceramic, vinyl, brass, and stainless steel. All of them have pros and cons and so, before you buy them, make sure you take a look at your requirements. The durability of the seat also depends on your choice of construction material. For the kids, go for the best soft toilet seats orbest toddler toilet seats.


If the question is -which is the best seat to buy, you have to focus on compatibility. Not all the toilet seats will go with the toilets! Make sure that the toilet where you are going to set this seat is compatible with each other. The size matters here too. Check the measurement of the seats so that you can make it the perfect fit. Don’t forget that the appearance of the seat should go right with your bathroom’s outlook. There are contemporary and traditional designs and colors available. Don’t forget to check them out.

Installation and Cleaning

If you are a newbie, the installation part can be tough for you. Before you buy the kit, make sure the installation manual is added there. It will be helpful if an online video is available for easy installing. Cleaning the seat is also a fact here. Cleaning the plastic or ceramic seats is easy. You cannot clean wood seats with everything you want. In short, it depends on the material how you have to clean it. Ensure that you are completely fine with the cleaning method.


The soft closure is a fact that you cannot deny for the new toilet seats of the market. For the night, soft closures are great to keep it quiet. If there is a nightlight added, it gets easy for your kid and you too! The bidet seat can make you feel cleaner than the regular seats. Ensure that the one you choose has a quick release facility. For the kids, you can go for the soft padded seats for their comfort. Who loves stains? Nobody! So, search for toilet seats that don’t stain and ensure that you pick up a stain-resistant toilet seatfor yourself.

FAQs on Toilet Seats

Is a wooden toilet seat better than plastic?

If you love durable seats for your toilet, wood loo seats can be amazing as it lasts more than plastic. Also, in the winter, you will surely feel a bit more warmth on the wood seats than the plastic ones. However, keep in mind that wood seats are heavy and thick. It depends on you which one you like! Plastic seats are reasonable in price. For the kids, you will surely need the best soft toilet seat.

How often can you change the toilet seat?

Toilet seats last longer than you can assume if you take care of them properly. But you should not use them after a certain period. After using the seat for about five years to seven years to make sure they fit better than the previous one. Otherwise, you will see it wiggling or not being as perfect as before!

Why are most of the toilet seats made of plastic?

Toilet seats made of pilable are not only durable but also very lightweight. In this case, compared to the high-end toilet seats, you get an extra benefit of affordable price. As plastic is easy to construct and more available, these are low priced. It is not prone to stains and chips.

So, for the people that want toilet seats that don’t stain, you can go for the plastic ones. It is capable of resisting wear. So, your plastic toilet seat will provide you long-term service! Why wouldn’t you go for it?

Do all toilet seats fit all the toilets?

No, not all the toilets are of the same size and shape. And on the other hand, not every toilet seats are of the same shape and size. There are both round and elongated toilet seats for oval and round-shaped toilets. Also, the measurement of the hole is necessary to work on.

Wrap Up

Never going to lie, a perfect toilet riser will make your life easier! If you are not sure which you are unable to release with comfort, you are dealing with the wrong toilet seat! We have mentioned all the necessary steps for the right toilet seat!

All you need to do is buy the one that fits your standard and requirement. Make sure you learn about the seat you are buying so that you don’t go through problems afterward.

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