Top 5 Best Powered Reel Mower in 2021 | Detailed Reviews

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When selecting a product of choice from a range of products, then it might not be an easy thing to do. It would even be more difficult if the said item is almost similar to others in the market. Many people have had to be contented with the wrong choices that they made by buying a product resembling what they desired.

In the world today, there are thousands of powered reel mowers. Many developed countries and industries are producing different varieties of this brand daily. Most of the clients do not have an idea of what to look for when shopping for this product.

In this article, we are going to look into the nitty-gritty of how to get the best powered reel mower. The article shall have short reviews for the five best reel mowers in the market today. There will be some FAQs and a guide as well. Please follow through for more information.

Our Top 5 Powered Reel Mower Reviews

  1. American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Blade Reel Lawn Mower
  2. Great States 815-18 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower 18 Inches
  3. American Lawn Mower 1415-16 Blade Push Reel Mower
  4. Great States 415-16 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower 16 Inches
  5. Scotts Outdoor 14-Inch Power Tools Push Reel Lawn Mower
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It is one of the best powered lawn mowers capable of cutting grass that is up to 4 inches tall. The cutting blade can withstand even the tough grass that is long overgrown!

You can adjust the blade's height at any point even when you are mowing. The height ranges from 0.5 inches to 1.75 inches, and it also features a scissor action cut. The electric mower has a cutting width of 14 inches.

It comes with a 4-blade reel and durable 8.5-inch wheels for maximum maneuverability. The grass can be tough in some cases and would need a machine that can maneuver in it.

It is an environmental-friendly product that operates on gasoline. The mower does not pollute both the air and the noise while in use.

It is also easy to assemble and lightweight, hence you can move it to different places with a lot of ease. Aside from that, it is a self-propelled tool that does not require a lot of energy to push through a thick layer of grass. The machine is manually-operated, hence you will be in control of the entire process.


  • Very low noise levels
  • It has a large cutting surface of up to 14 inches


  • Though it is portable, the product is somehow weighty

It is one of the push mower that are in use all over the world today because of its superior quality. The machine uses 5 blades with an 18-inch cutting width to accomplish its tasks. It is a manual reel lawn mower with 10-inch composite wheels that maneuvers through tall grass with a lot of ease.

The reel mower is self-propelled, featuring a hand-push rotary mower with no motor. Besides, it does not require gas or oil to function. It is, therefore, very friendly to the environment and your compound! At the same time, you will remain on top of things when mowing the compound with total control of the tool!

The machine is a great state reel mower blade with a quick and adjustable cutting height of between 0.5 inches to 2.75 inches. With these characteristics, it produces a clean and even cut whenever you work on your compound. Its blades are produced from high-quality alloy steel that is heat-treated to stay sharp for long periods.

It is easy to assemble, and very portable as well.


  • It is environmentally friendly
  • The product has a wide cutting width of 18 inches


  • It might not be easily portable because of its weight

It is one of the best push reel lawn mowers with a 5-blade reel and a cutting capacity of up to 1.6 inches. The tool has 10-inch polymer wheels to offer maximum stability and maneuverability when mowing your lawn. The wheels are durable, and with radial tread tires for maximum useful life.

It is one of the most environmental-friendly products with very low noise levels. The machine does not emit harmful gases to the environment.

It is also easy to assemble and lightweight, hence you can move it to different places with a lot of ease. The machine weighs 25 pounds, the weight that is ideal for cutting taller and overgrown grass. Apart from that, it is a self-propelled tool that does not require a lot of energy to push through a thick grass.

The machine is manually-operated, hence you will be in control of the entire process. Its blades are a product of heat-treated alloy steel that can maintain its sharpness for several years.

The machine's cutting width is 16 inches wide, and hence you can work on a large tract of land within a short time.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • The noise level is very low


  • California's Proposition 65 might hinder its uptake in some regions

It is one of the push reel lawn mowers that are in use worldwide today owing to its superior quality. The machine uses 5 blades with a 16-inch cutting width to accomplish its tasks. It is a manual push lawn mower with 10-inch composite wheels that maneuvers through tall grass with a lot of ease. The tool is also excellent when it comes to maneuverability.

It is one of the most environment-friendly products with extremely low noise production. Besides, it does not also release harmful gases to the environment. The machine offers a very quiet and clean way to maintain your lawn. It does not require any form of oil or gasoline for it to function, and hence minimal chances of damaging the environment!

It features a quick and adjustable cutting height of between 0.5 inches to 2.5 inches. This enables it to produce excellent results whenever you are maintaining your lawn.

The grip is T-styled and cushioned to provide maximum comfort when holding it. Sometimes, the job can be difficult and rough, and hence you require soft handles to keep your hands on while working.


  • Very low noise levels
  • The product has a wide cutting capacity of up to 16 inches


  • The cushion on the hands can come out easily when working on rough terrains

The product features 5 blades with a cutting width of up to 14 inches. Its blade's ball bearing can cut all types of grasses.

The machine has 8.5-inch durable, composite wheels for maneuverability and transportation. It is also lightweight, weighing only 19 pounds, hence it is highly portable.

The reel mower is easy to assemble, especially when you have just received it from the seller. Its purchase packaging has a user manual that guides through the assembly process and operation.

The grip is T-styled and cushioned to provide maximum comfort when holding it. Sometimes, the job can be difficult and rough, and hence you require soft handles to keep your hands on while working. The cushion covers the entire part and provides excellent grip for difficult jobs.

It has an adjustable cutting height of between 1 inch to 1.75 inches that produces excellent cuts even when dealing with tall grass catcher. The machine is capable of producing, clean, even, and soft cuts.

It is also easy to use, and one does not require prior knowledge of users to operate it. Besides, it comes with a user manual for ease of reference.


  • It is lightweight and portable
  • The product is easy to assemble and use


  • It might not have the capacity to handle overgrown grass

The Buyer's Guide

Over the world today, we have thousands of reel-powered lawnmowers. With the advent of technology, more companies are opening up branches worldwide for the production of such products. While this may sound like good news to the consumers, most of them might not have the qualities of the best tool. As a client, you need to make a sound and optimum investment decision when buying a reel mower. This is because it involves investing some amount of money in the long-term project. In this section, we are going to highlight some of the things to look out for whenever you want to buy a reel-powered lawnmower. Read on for more information.

The cutting width

The cutting width is not similar for all these tools. If you are walking on a large lawn, then you should consider getting one with a wide width. The reason is you can work on such a piece of a garden within a short time and at a low cost.

On the other hand, you can still take one with a smaller cutting reel as long as you are comfortable with it. As an expert, however, I would advise you to invest in one with a larger width.

The number of mower blade

Reel lawnmowers have a varied number of cutting blades. They range from one to five. Before you buy one always consider buying the one with the highest number. Such kinds of mowers usually produce cleaner cuts and hence making the lawn more beautiful.

The number of blades will also determine how powerful the machine can be. It also enhances the maneuverability of the tool, especially when dealing with overgrown grass. It can be costly, however, to invest in such type of products, but the investment is worth. I would, therefore encourage you to buy a reel powered mower with five or more blades.

The thickness of the wheels

If you will be working on a lawn with thick and tall grass catcher, then you must consider the size of the wheels. I would recommend one with 10 inches as they enhance stability and maneuverability. Sometimes, the grass can be so tall and thick, and this can hamper the proper functioning of the mower. To counter this, you will require a tool with strong and wide wheels.

On the other hand, if you do cut your lawn regularly, then the size of the wheel might not be a necessity. Most reel lawn mowers give your garden a clean-cut, hence leaving no change for the hard grass to grow!

Ease of assembly

When buying the product, it normally comes disassembled. Before using it, you will need to put it together. I would recommend a product that will not give you a hard time when assembling it. The procedure will save you the extra cost of hiring a mechanic to do the assembly.

Always refer to the user manual to see the method of doing the assembly. Lucky enough, the parts easily fit each other and interlock. This minimizes the use of bolts and nuts to secure the machine.

Ease of operation

Operating it especially, as a beginner needs to be easy. In essence, it should not be difficult to start it and cut down the grass. Some models have advanced features that might make their operation untenable to several individuals.

Cleaning and storing it should also not be a challenge. However, you should be careful to avoid being cut by the blades, especially when cleaning the mower. If you are not sure of what to do, you can always refer to the user manual that came with the machine when you were buying it. You can also refer to the company's website for more information.

The handles

Mowing involves a lot of physical activity. The machine should be having handles that are comfortable to hold for extended times. I would urge you to look for the ones with a sponge and a grip. The good handles can easily determine the amount of time that you will spend on the lawn.

The shape of the handles is another factor to consider when buying the powered reel lawnmower. Most of them a T-shaped, which represents the most optimum handle design to look for when buying.

Environmental friendliness

If you care about the environment, then you should look for a mower that conserves it. Some of how a mower can endanger the surrounding are by making noise and releasing toxic gases. Most of the current machinery has a low noise level. Secondly, they do not also release toxic gases to the environment because they do not use gasoline.

The weight

In several instances, you may desire to travel with your mower. Its weight will largely determine whether the machine is portable or not. The weight is also a yardstick to the performance of the machine while cutting overgrown grass.

I would advise you to buy one that is lightweight as it can accomplish all the tasks that you desire, and portable as well.

The cutting height

When dealing with grass of different heights, then you will require a mower that is capable of adjusting. Sometimes, it is prudent to cut the grass from the top going downwards. This can be the case when the garden you are working on is uneven.

Adjusting the cutting height will enable you to cut the lawn evenly, and hence making it clean and presentable all the time.

The warranty

Every manufacturer or distributor should put the interest of their clients as the priority. As a consumer, you should ask for a warranty when you are purchasing the product. Seek to know the terms and the conditions of the warranty. The most important things to note are the time it will remain in force, what it will cover the exclusions. Apart from that, get to know what can invalidate the warranty contract. Another thing to consider is the dropping point for repairs in case you are claiming a warranty! The terms can be different from one manufacturer to another. You should compare several plans before settling on the brand to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are reel mowers superior to traditional mowers?

Reel mowers are a product of the advancement in technology. Most people who have had an experience with the two brands will admit that the manual reel mower is better. These products provide a cleaner and an even cut, a feature that is not common with the traditional ones. The final output of the reel mowers is more appealing and satisfactory.

What should be the frequency of mowing my garden/lawn?

The weather conditions will determine the frequency of cutting the grass. During the rainy season, grass tends to grow faster, hence you may need to work on your lawn within short times. On the other hand, during sunny seasons, the rate of growth might be slow - depending on the availability of moisture in the soil. During such times, you may not need to cut the grass at close intervals.

During the rainy season, you may need to mow the lawn at least once a week. Do not cut the lawn until it is bare as you risk damaging the blade of your tool.

During the hot season, you may need to mow the lawn at least twice a week because the grass will not grow fast.

Which are some of the best reel mowers to invest in?

The experience that you have with the different brands should guide you on the best brand to buy. However, some of the best ones in the market today are:

a) Great States 14-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower.

b) Fiskars Stay Sharp Max Powered Reel Mower.

c) American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Blade Reel Lawn Mower

d) Gardena 12-Inch Silent Push Reel Lawn Mower.

e) Scotts Outdoor 14-Inch Power Tools Push Reel Lawn Mower

As usual, the term "best" can be relative because out there are several brands of reel mowers. How you rate it will depend on the level of interaction.

How long can it last?

If you take proper care of your machine, it can serve you without fail for about three years or more. Some of the things that can damage your tool are: cutting the grass until the ground becomes bare and cutting hard objects such as rocks and tree stumps. Other factors include using the blade for long while not sharp.

To elongate the usefulness of your powered reel mower, make it a practice to sharpen the blades quite often. I would recommend that you do it twice in one season. You can also do it as often as you desire to keep the machine in the desired working condition.

Can a cylinder mower cut wet grass?

Yes, it can cut the wet grass. However, it might not be as effective as it should be when dealing with dry ones. If the soil is too wet, then the machine might also not work to expectations. Using grass catcher may help to reduce wet of the soil.

How much does it cost to sharpen a reel power mower?

The price is not static and it ranges from one region to another. However, and on average, the cost can range from between 20 to 60 dollars. You should not the decision on pricing solely lies on the service provider, and hence you can bargain for a better price of your product!


Having gone through the article, it should be easy for you now to settle for your product of choice. In as much as we have given you all the facts that you need to know, the technology and the market are very dynamic. This means that new features are coming up daily, and hence new products will always be produced.

Some things, however, will remain constant even as new developments occur. Always consider the adaptability of the mower to the environment that you operate from. The size of the blade, weight, maneuverability, the size of the wheels, and the cutting width, and so on are some of the factors to consider.

Apart from the above factors, you should also look at the additional after-sales service features provided by the manufacturer. These include things such as the warranty, repairs, replacements, availability of parts, training, and so on. They come in handy to reduce the bills that you would have incurred after purchasing the machinery.

Before you settle for a product, always conduct a thorough market survey. Compare as many products as possible to settle for the best and to your satisfaction. Finally, settle for a machine that will not break your bank account!

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