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Looking for the first dado blade set for your DIY table saw?? Or, planning to change the old ones? Whether working on wood is your hobby or whether it is your profession - every time you will have to cut grooves on your workpiece, you are going to have to be precise and accurate. Otherwise, the hollows are not going to line up in the finished product.

And that is where dado saw blade come into play!

All about Dado Blade Sets

A dado set or dado blade is a kind of circular saw blade, usually wielded with a table saw or radial arm saw. It is used to cut dadoes or grooves while carpenting.

There are two common kinds of dado sets - stacked dado set and wobble blade.

Stacked Dado Set

The stacked dado set is made up of two circular saw blades fixed on both sides of a set of removable chippers. As the dado sets spin, the two outer blades cut the dado sides and the chippers remove the waste material remaining in between and flatten the bottom of the dado.

The chippers are movable within the set as required to make a dado of the desired breadth. They can also be combined with spacers to finely vary the dado width. Thus, to change the dado width, you have to completely remove the stacked dado blade set from the arbor. After disassembling, chippers and/or spacers can be used to achieve the desired width of the dado set.

Wobble Blade

Wobble dado blades are also called adjustable dado, which consists of a circular blade mounted on an adjustable multi-piece hub.

The width of the dado cut adds up as the hook angle gets farther away from the radial normal(90°) towards the arbor. While it is possible to adjust the thickness of the cut when the saw is mounted on the arbor, accurate adjustment is yet difficult to achieve. This happens because tightening the arbor screw often changes the adjustment.

Wobble blades can only make a flat-bottomed dado at one width setting, which may be a drawback in certain woodworking operations.

Another flaw of a wobble dado blade over stacked dado is unpleasant vibrations. The magnitude of these vibrations varies with the blade's angular balance. The wider the wobble dado blade you cut, the stronger the vibrations will be.

Why Our Guide?

Having the best dado blade set for your table saw enables you to clean cut grooves both skillfully and precisely. But having so many options to buy from, it is very likely to turn into a bait of the seller by making an expensive investment on the wrong set!

Our guide here is to solve all the queries you may have as well as give you reviews about the best dado blade set in the current market.

Here we will guide you through the best features that the stacked blade set will offer you, the pros & cons, the details, the durability, and where to find them. At the end of the read, you will hopefully make up your mind with the help of our buyer’s guide for the best purchase!

Why You Should Have A Dado Blade At Hand

Certain advantages to have a dado blade set in your DIY table saw, are:


A stacked dado blade set brings more finish to your work than a wobble blade. The edge and platform corners are sharper and chipper to set up a stronger dado joint and gluing area.


Dado blades let you make rabbets, grooves, joint cuts, and different types of slots for joining your wooden project. It is easier to use than any other power tool you may use in DIY or professional woodworking.

Easy to Set Up

Most times, the stacked dado blade sets are shipped with some sort of guidelines or booklets, or user manual inside the package. Keep it for the life of your blade set!

Once you use a dado set, you would wonder why you ever used a router table. This blade set is so easy to set up on your table saw and makes precise cut very easily that you would hardly need any user kit.


The blades remain sharp and shiny for your wooden edges for a very long period. So worry not about making the investment!


The precisely and accurately a dado blade set cuts will surprise you. You won't even have to put much effort to line up slots for your wooden joints. We wonder if any other tool would offer that!

Our Top 7 Dado Blade Set Reviews

Here are the reviews of 7 best dado blade sets for your table saw :

#IRWIN Dado Blade Set

Product Information

Manufacturer:‎ IRWIN

Item Weight:‎ 1.8 pounds

Product Dimensions:‎ 1.65 x 8.88 x 11.5 inches

Item model number: 1811865

Size:‎ 8" DADO

Style:‎ Marples

Material: Carbide

Cutting Blades Diameter:‎ 8 Inches

Assembled Diameter: 8 Inches

The Irwin Tools Marples 8-Inch Stack Dado Blade is the first among the best stacked dado sets. It is an essential part of a full line of fine saw blades that are needed in any woodworking. The manufacturers are from Italy.

It delivers the highest standards of precision expected for excellent woodworking and finished carpentry. These laser-cut, thin-edged saw blades are produced in a highly automated, avant-garde facility in Udine, Italy - the heart of high-quality circular saw blade manufacturers’ capital. The set is industry-leading!

Arranged with oversized carbide, the new saw blades provide a long life and flawless finish to professional woodworkers and just the finish carpenters demand. The Stack Dado set has an 8-Inch Diameter with 12 teeth and details resharpenable large carbide teeth. The Stack Dado cuts grooves from ¼” to 8” in diameter.

The dado is best used for softwood, hard woods, plywood and melamine. The set comes with 2 outer blade, 3 chippers, 3 spacers and 7 shims included.


● High-quality carbide tooth material

● New Marples Woodworking Series saw blade

● Precision tensioned for flawless cuts

● Heat resistant, non-stick coating on blade

● Easy to clean after cuts

● Truer, cleaner cuts

● Aluminum Matrix coating on blades


● No safety gears

● Less Accuracy for cuts

● Smaller for a 10” table saw

#DEWALT 8 inch, 24 tooth Dado Blade Set

Product Information

Manufacturer: Dewalt

Item Weight: ‎ 9.08 pounds

Product Dimensions:‎ 15 x 3.25 x 12.5 inches

Item model number: ‎ DW7670

Size: 8”

Material: Stainless steel

The DEWALT DW7670 is an 8” Stacked Dado Set that has a heavy gauge. The laser cut throat plate provide truest and most accurate smooth cut. The product has micro-grain carbide teeth which promise clean cuts.

Other than that, It has 4 tooth chippers that give smooth, flat-bottom cuts. The shims are made of stainless steel that lets you measure ultra-fine width with adjustments.

Its heavy duty storage case will protect the blades against shaped teeth or any unpredicted damage.

This blade is ideal for woodworkers who are willing to spend for quality. It is an extremely handy product for cabinetmakers and professional carpenters as it will always make clean, smooth dado cuts, rabbet cuts, tenons, and half-lap joints in hardwoods, softwoods, plywood, and melamine. With a Diameter of 8-inch & 24 No.s of Tooth, it works just about fine!


● ‎30 Day Money Back Guarantee

● Reduced splintering due to carbide teeth

● Comes with a durable case

● 24 number of tooth attached to the blade

● Precise cutting due to high tooth count


● Supplier may ship broken parts

● No user manual

#Oshlun 8-inch 42 Tooth Stack Dado Set

Product Information

Manufacturer: Oshlun

Item Weight: ‎ 9.94 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎ 10.5 x 9.9 x 3 inches

Item model number: ‎ SDS-0842

Size: 8-Inch Dado

Material: ‎ Carbide

Number Of Pieces: ‎ 16

This 16 piece dado sets is the best dado stack so far present in market. Most perfect for woodworkers who want a premium cut at a reasonable price.

The high tooth count saws and chippers generate smooth bottom dado cuts ranging from ¼” to 29/32” .

The exactness of C-4 micro grain tungsten carbide tips stay sharp for the longest time and cut through all types of hardwood, softwood and plywood with tremendous ease.

Other than that, Full body chippers bring an easier setup and creates less vibration when compared to other sets that feature wing style chippers.

Manufacturers mention that the product produces small score marks on the outer edges to assist in eliminating tear out and splintering.

Each set also includes detailed setup instructions, a shim set for fine adjustments and a full colored durable storage case.


● Industry Grade

● Maximum Adjustability

● High tooth count

● Less vibration

● 3/32” chipper & Shim set included

● Cuts undersized plywoods


● None

#Freud sd208 8" x 24T Super Dado Sets

Product Information

Manufacturer: Freud

Item Weight: 10.63 pounds

Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches

Item model number‎: SD508

Material: ‎ Blend

Cutting Diameter: ‎ 8 Inches

Assembled Diameter : 8 Inches

Enrich the excellence of your dadoes with Freud's 8” Super Dado Set with an Anti-Kickback Design. Formulated to create smooth, chip-free dadoes and grooves every time, this set is organized to engage a wide range of materials, from hardwoods to laminates.

These high-quality 8” & 24-tooth blades with ⅝” arbors cut dadoes and grooves that are clean,smooth, and almost splinter free.

Cuts made by these blades come out accurate at first attempt, saving you from making repeated attempts over the same workpiece.

The Freud SD508 comes with adjustable Dado and Shim set for achieving the perfect width of dadoes.It's famous for its exceptional precision, the blade width can be revised in 1/32” increments, while the included shim set permits for even finer adjustments.

The quality of this dado set is modified by its anti-kickback design, which gives you an extra margin of safety while woodworking.

The blade elements are made of Freud's TiCo Hi-Density Carbide, to give you maximum performance. The blades can resist numerous sharpenings and still maintain exceptional precision.

Plus, a Tri-metal Brazing process makes the blades’ impact resistance, so they last longer without giving you uneven cuts.


● Highly Efficient

● High precision design

● Titanium-cobalt alloy

● Micro-grain Carbide tips

● Long lasting performance


● High price

#The Mibro Group 8" Carbide Stacking Dado Blade Set

Product Information

Manufacturer: ‎ The Mibro Group

Item Weight: ‎ 3.2 ounces

Product Dimensions: ‎ 9.65 x 9.25 x 1.77 inches

Item model number: ‎ 416381

Material: ‎ Carbide

Number Of Pieces in set: 14

As our 4th product, we recommend you the MIBRO's 8" stacked Dado set. If you plan on cutting the most smooth and precise flat-bottomed grooves, either across or within the grain in all types of wood, plywood and composite wood materials.

You can use this stacked Dado set to make a variety of different cuts, including Dado, Groove, Rabbet, Fillet, and Mortise & Tenon.It's ideal for any DIY, home or woodworking fanatic, and light professional user. Cut grooves ranging in width from ¼” to 13/16”.

About blades, this set has two standard 8-inch outer blades and 7 metal shims for adjustments, while the slot width ranges from ¼” to 13/16”. Other than that, both of the blades have a tooth pattern of 5 beveled cutting teeth, followed by 1 even raker tooth. The anti-kickback tooth profile prevents the blade from being fed too quickly.

5 Chipper Blades Set included & each chipper blade features two extra-large carbide teeth. The Chipper Blades are leveled on the same material, just as the Outer Blades. This ensures that all of the blades together will cut a flat-bottomed groove.

You can utilize the included metal shims for nice adjustments to the overall width of the Dado setup. Shim widths range from 0.004" to 0.096" & are 7 in number.

All of the shims have a 3-5/32" diameter and 5/8" arbor hole.


● Worth the price

● Durable

● Responsible manufacturer

● Beginner friendly


● Inaccurate flat-bottomed holes

#Oshlun 8-Inch Box and Finger Joint Set

Product Information

Manufacturer: ‎ Oshlun

Item Weight: ‎ 3.15 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎ 10 x 9.8 x 1.5 inches

Item model number: ‎ SBJ-0830

Material: Carbide

Cutting Diameter: ‎ 8 Inches

Assembled Diameter: ‎ 8 Inches

If you are all about surveying before making a purchase, you will find products like Oshlun SBJ-0830 8-Inch Box and Finger Joint Set.

First of all, it is a two-blade set that specializes in finger joints and box joints. The blades have a standard 8” diameter with 30 teeth that provide the cleaned cuts with maximum preciseness and efficiency.

The high number of tooth saws develop flat, square notches and fingers in the two most popular sizes, ¼” and ⅜”.

The precision ground C-4 micro grain tungsten carbide pointers stay sharp longer and cut through all types of hardwood and softwood with the much ease.

Each set includes detailed setup instruction as user manual which reflects that the brand cares about both the beginners and professionals. It means they have taken of all the other regulations too!

You can change from a ¼” to a ⅜” cut very easily just by reversing the inner and outer blades.


● Worth every penny

● Beginner-friendly

● High-quality storage case

● C-4 Carbide

● Comes with warranty


● Lack of different widths

#Freud 8" x 20T Box Joint Cutter Set

Product Information

Manufacturer : ‎ Freud

Item Weight : ‎ 3.48 pounds

Product Dimensions : ‎ 1 x 1 x 1 inches

Item model number : ‎ SBOX8

Material : ‎ Blend

Voltage : 1 Volts

Wattage : 1 watts

We have another product coming from Freud that you'll certainly love!

Freud has a unique feature of anti- kickback design when it comes to ensures safety while using these crucial power tools. This Joint Cutter Set is another best dado stack that you can bait your money on!

The brand specializes in developing a tool for creating perfectly square, flat-bottom box joints on a table saw without using a dado set or saw blade. Still for the limited applications it offers, you might want to consider purchasing standard dodo blades.

This patent-pending design is easy to use. Just install the two 8" diameter, ⅝” arbor blades on a table saw with the blades back to back for ¼” box joints, or face to face for 3/8" box joints. You can also pair this with Freud's Tico Hi-Density Carbide and Silver I.C.E. Coating and make perfectly square and precise box joints.


● Comes with a lifetime warranty

● Instruction Manual included

● Best for box joints and finger joints

● Pocket friendly


● Limited applications

The Guide

best dado blade set
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Choosing the best dado stack blade set on your own can be overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from. Here are the features that you need to make sure before making the move.

● Tooth Count

The outer dado blades resembles and cuts like standard saw blades. The tooth count varies between the range of 18 to 40. The higher the tooth count, the cleaner and sharper the edge of the grooves cut.

● Inner Blades

Inner dado blades and shoppers compensate for the outer blades’ spaces where there is no tooth. The tooth count can be from 2 to 4, whereas the lower number means the chipper will cut more coarsely than the outer blades.

● Quality Assurance

A common mistake by the buyers is to consider the quality of the product for the price. They are not to be blamed, the market is so large that the manufacturers fight very closely with price options.

However, having a close look at the product and its features goes a long way to ensure that you get what you pay for.

● Brand Entity

Buying from a brand holds much importance in the dado blade world. A respectable brand will always take care of the regulations, customer satisfaction and entity compared to a local brand from Asian market. That's why we suggest going for professional brands from Germany or Italy.

You don't want to get injured nor a dado groove cut that is not detailed!

● Adaptability

Some brands manufacture dado blade sets that fit their table saws only. That may throw you in a fix!

But many manufacturers cite this as one of the major points - to have their blades fit any saw. Ask around before making the purchase and you should be fine with a set’s adaptability to different brand saws.

FAQs About The Best Dado Stack

Frequently asked questions that we reviewers face the most are:

How much the type of the wood matters in my cutting preciseness?

Of course, it doesn't!

Stacked Dado blades are tough enough to withstandvu every and any type of wood irrespective of how hard it is. Just trail after the lines of the fibre and you'll be good to go!

How to handle mistakes?

It's very normal to make mistakes whether you are a professional or a DIY designer.

Do not panic! Stop the saw! Assess the situation!

Sometimes the grooves are wrong or you may have cut too deep of an incension. Keep the wood piece for later times or throw the piece away of it is too bad.

Are Dado Blades illegal?

Stacked Dado blades are marked illegal or banned in some countries like the European Union and the EU. Mostly when the country has a set of strict requirements to award a commercial tool a CE mark. It is because you have to remove the blade guard and driving knife while using the blades, which are two basic safety features for any table saw.

How important are manuals?

As previously said, manuals are very essential for power tools whether or not you are a professional. A brand that includes a user's guide or booklet in the package, reflects that they care about all norms of their buyers, from beginners to commercial.

We suggest Oshlun to be the best brand in that sense.

What protection equipment I may need?

Working with a commercial tool?

Attention is a must! Make sure you aren't talking to someone or looking away while making the cuts. Secondly, wear protective goggles to avoid bits and pieces going into your eyes. Wear a mask to be safe from wood dust, especially if you are prone to breathing problems.


You can go for a budget pick when it comes to buying power tools for woodworking but you will realize that quality is never to be compromised!

Our guide introduces you to the best deals that are available in the market. As you glide through my words, you will understand the features better. Good luck!

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