7 Top Rated & Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower 2021

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Since summertime is near, many people are busy trimming their lawns almost every weekend. And, as most of them are office workers, they are going to need some easy maintenance, long-lasting and best corded electric lawn mower to cut the grass of their small garden. That is why an electric corded mower is preferred compared to the other lawn mowers.

What is an Electric Corded Mower?

Corded lawn mowers are electric mower activated by a power cable that interfered with an electrical vent. And, the work time of a corded lawn mower is restricted by the limit of the battery capacity.

Besides, it can be easily operated and maintained. The electric mower are lighter to carry and easier to access. Plus, unlike the petrol lawn mowers, these electric lawnmowers do not need petrol or oil to run.

Moreover, it is not only cheaper in case of power, but also maintenance. if you are looking for the best corded electric lawn mower, you are in the right place!

Here, we are going to discuss which corded mower to choose and how to understand which one's good for you. Stay with us and let us know which one you think is good to go!

Our Top 7 Best Corded Electric Lawn mower

best corded electric lawn mower
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When it's time to buy a lawn mower, there's a need to brainstorm all the reasons to choose an electric lawn mower rather than a gas-powered one. It's not only about the low-maintenance and easily accessible purpose but also, varieties within these models.

Additionally, some of you prefer the best lawn mower under $200. and, some of you don't. On the other hand, some may search specifically for the best gas lawn mower under $200. But here, we are going to clear out these very best products that you want according to your need.

Here, all you need to know the uses of these according to their models and this knowledge will help you to choose what's best for your yard.

Comparison on Top Electric Lawn Mower

  • Can work up to 30+ min fully charged
  • Budget friendly 
  • Easy to use
  • Has 6 cutting heights


  • Runs up to 35-40 mins
  • 4Ah USB battery
  • Lightweight design
  • Good for around yard

When it comes to the light-weighted, well-designed lawn mower, you can prefer to choose this GreenWorks 24v 13 inch lawn mower. And if you are looking for a small lawn mower, then this is exactly for you.

This Greenworks 24V Lithium-non battery comes up with 20% more power and run-time. It is easy to access with its unique deck designed for cutting grass.

This machine can power over more than fifty indoor and outdoor products, which include blowers, string trimmers, small lawn mowers, power tools, and more. The service it provides is fade-free power, along with zero memory loss after its charging.

The run-time of it is very impressive. It runs up to 35-40mins when fully charged with its 4Ah battery. Although, the run-time is varied upon the technique of the operator and also the grass condition.

This 13 inches light-weighted hyper tough lawn mower prevents rust smoothly. It's one of the greatest features is its 2-in-1 feature can provide coverage and rear guard case capacity.

The fun part is, the USB port in the battery can charge all kinds of portable electronics devices, as well as tablets and phones. The USB ports are integrated into BAG711, BAG708, and BAG709 batteries. This portable USB Battery Portable Power Station contains 24000 maH power.

The best economic use you can get by using it is, its amazing warranty for 3 years, including tools or batteries. And all these parts are located in the battery compartment. Plus, this machine comes up with a nice feature of noise reduction. That means, the noise level won't rise and you get to work in a complete quietness with it.

Why Should Use?

  • Battery-powered
  • 4Ah USB battery
  • Delivers fade-free services with no memory loss after charging
  • Runs up to 35-40 mins
  • Easy to access
  • Helps to reduce the noise level
  • Includes portable charger for phones, charger, and other electronic accessories

Why Shouldn't Use?

  • Needs to be charged frequently
  • Rear bagging gets clogged easily

We know you all want the product for which you pay for. Now, this is something exciting about it. Because here you get what you paid for. This amazing lightweight machine is easy to operate.

This 14" high efficient hyper tough lawn mower provides a speed of 3300RPM. Its 15 inches body has a very high-impact rust restaurant deck, with its 11AMP electric lawn.

An amazing feature of it, like the adjustable handle, can make you want it even more. This feature helps to tighten and adjust the position before cutting the grass. Not only this, this mower is designed for 3 adjustable handle lengths, and it ensures the efficiency of a minimum of a 7-gallon large grass collection, which by the way is something to notice here.

These super cool-looking mowers have wheels of 5.5" and 7.75" in size, and only weigh 28lbs. Can it be easier! Because the product lessens your hard work. It is easy to rotate and this saves labor. If you choose to buy, it will never fail to show you how easy it is to control.

Last but not least, you can get a purchase guarantee from their customer service team. And that's when you know you have come up with the right choice.

Moreover, Lawnmaster offers delicate, congenial, and easy to consume equipment to turn your yard into a masterpiece.

Why Should Use?

  • 14 Inches cutting width with high efficient work tools
  • 15 inches rust-resistant cutting deck
  • Contains 11 AMP motor with 3300RPM speed
  • Provides 6 cutting positions( 1"-3") using the height adjustment
  • Adjustable handle with efficient grass clippings
  • Easily foldable
  • 28lbs Lightweight

Why Shouldn't Use?

  • Little tough to make turns using this
  • Not so useful for cutting large grasses

Among you, those who are looking for a mower for your medium-sized yard, stay with us because here we are presenting 21 inches, gas-powered lawn power. For those who are struggling with a medium-sized yard but not only a medium-sized lawn mower, this is especially for you.

This 21 inches steel-bodied mowing deck is a self-propelled lawn mower and it contains 4 powerful strokes. It gives the benefits of cutting the large and solid grass by this incredible single-cylinder gas engine which provides the whole powerful backup.

This 21 inches steel cutting deck provides a huge cutting area with long-lasting durability and it helps you do bigger works easily. A forced-air cooling system ensures the continuous power of the engine to get your job done.

This self-propelled machine has the benefit of 5-position height adaptation and that lets you change the height accordion to its need. This corded lawn mower can be adapted between the span of 1.2 to 3.0 inches, and the trimming width is 21 inches.

This labor-saving design can enhance your work efficiency. Its 3-in-1 side-emitting and manuring capabilities permit you to unroll grass trimming or grass clippings to the side. Also, the back wheels which are 8 inches, along with this gas self-propelled mower make it so easy to proceed.

Another feature of it will blow your mind. This PowerSmart lawn mower has quick folding accessibility. This gas power lawn mower has a quick folding capability without tools because of the foldable handle design.

At the same time, it can be kept tidily after folding. And thus, it helps the room to be spacious and keeps your house clean and organized.

This PowerSmart lawn mower contains a propellant storage capacity of 0.4 Gallon, 16.9 fl. Oz is the oil capacity and weighs 56lb.

For a big company like this, customer satisfaction is always the top priority. PowerSmart always aims at providing a good user value with the complete best rate and quality. It ensures all of it and gives a warranty of 3 years. And if needed, the service team will always be ready to provide the best service to help you solve any kind of problem.

Why Should Use?

  • Has 21 inches steel mowing deck
  • self-propelled lawn mower
  • Adaptable cutting height
  • Has the capacity to fold quickly
  • Light-weighted
  • Has 5 positions height adjustment
  • Has the best customer care service

Why Shouldn't Use?

  • Can be hard to get started sometimes
  • Have trouble to use with overheat

Another lawn mower is Craftsman M105. It can take your lawn to another level with its perfect touch. This push lawn mower includes 140cc gas power, with one bagger and engine oil.

The width of it is 21" and it weighs 65 lbs. The minimum to maximum cutting width is 1.25" to 3.75". And the size of the front wheel is 7" and the back of the wheel is 8".

One of the greatest features is its 3 in 1 capability. And that means it has a unit of side discharge, a back end discharge, and also mulching.

This lawn is not self-propelled but a simple push mower. This engine is equipped with a flinch and an auto choke. It just needs to be pulled and it automatically starts right there. And the mowing can be folded to save up some storage.

Why Should Use?

  • Light-weighted
  • Gas-powered
  • Attach bagger includes grass clippings catcher
  • The product can be folded
  • contains engine oil
  • 3 in 1 discharge capabilities
  • Easy to start

Why Shouldn't Use?

  • Not self-propelled
  • Doesn't have warranty facilities

This battery-powered lawn mower is here to make your life easy with its brushless facility. This battery-powered lawn mower runs up to 30 mins when fully charged. If you have a small lawn, then choosing this will be best for you.

The 4.0AH Lithium-ion battery supplies a non-stop trimming up to 2400sq ft without the gasoline's smell. It's already stated that it can run up to 30+ mins, not only that, but the battery power indicator shows existing power whilst working.

You will be happy to know that this mowing includes 96 dB Low noise. So, you don't have to worry about it at all. You can mow your yard without disturbing others.

Compared to brush amp motor, this brushless motor is low-maintenance and easy to clean. Besides, it provides a long-lasting service to the electric lawn mower.

With its sharp steeled blade, this lawn-mower can cut about 16" wide trails exactly in a single pass. With preferences, and considering the seasons, the cutting height can be selected among these 6 heights. And the ranges would be 1"-3".

This mower is also easy to use with its weight of 33lb. The soft handle and 3 adapted operation peaks can make your pace beautiful and less worried. And, the capacity to fold the lawn mower in 5 seconds to save space adds another plus point for the users.

95% blades of grass can be gathered in the rear bag perfectly and when it's time to empty the bag, this full-bag flutter will notify you. Additionally, its 2 in 1 feature helps to mulch for easy dumping.

Why Should Use?

  • Battery-powered
  • Can work up to 30+ mins if fully charged
  • Has battery power indication
  • Doesn't smell
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has 6 cutting heights
  • full grass catcher
  • Stretchy
  • Has mulch plug
  • Vertical storage

Why Shouldn't Use?

  • Difficult to walk through trees and flowerbeds while holding the cord out of the way

If you are worried about the mixture of grasses(small, medium, large) in your yard, then this is just for you!

This 11- AMP powerful motor renders the power to trim or cut all types of grasses with its highly efficient motor for gas powered mower.

The corded electric lawn mower has a 14" large cutting width along with the 5 adjustable positions that can be changed easily height-wise, mainly from 1" to 2.5".

The disposal system is easy too. This 2 in 1 back end discharge and mulching system including the best 16 gal grass bag. Which comes up with a system of indicators if the bag is full.

For users' comfort, the corded lawn mower delivers multiple handles considering heights and positions. The storage system is also easy and compact.

It is super light-weighted. Its ease of operation and usage makes it even more desirable.

Why Should Use?

  • Corded lawn mower with electric battery
  • Has 11 AMP motor
  • Has 5 positions according to cutting grass height capacity
  • Has grass level indicator
  • Has multiple handles considering height positions
  • Contains a compact and slim frame along with foldable hands
  • Light-weighted
  • Easy to operate
  • Natural, noise-free, pollution-free

Why Shouldn't Use?

  • Working time is so durable

This battery-powered string trimmer and edger is easily converted according to its need. This 3 in 1 feature helps to convert it from mower to trimmer and trimmer to edger.

The AFS means automatic feed system makes it sure if it works continuously or not!

The power drive transference restrains from bogging down. And the cutting size of the lawn mower is 1.6- 2.4 inches.

The battery remains durable when the charge time is 60 percent in 2.5 hours. Its adjustable height of the deck and the trimmer can be in use when managing the handle.

The facility of extending battery life is given with this lawn mower. 2 batteries can be used to extend the run time.

Why Should Use?

  • Battery-powered mowing
  • Light-weighted
  • 3 tools in 1 facility
  • Cutting width 12 inches
  • AFS ensures work continuity
  • Adjustable cutting deck considering height capability
  • Charge duration 60% in 2.5 hours
  • Extra batteries for extending run time

Why Shouldn't Use?

  • Build quality is a bit questionable
  • It's too expensive

Buyer's Guide For Corded Electric Lawn Mower

best corded electric lawn mower reviews
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So you've made your first house purchase. Congratulations on your achievement! Being a homeowner, as enjoyable as it is, is not without its obligations. Most likely, you now have a yard to maintain and keep looking good, which is why finding the right lawn mower for your needs is crucial.

As you have to learn how to use a corded lawn mower properly, you also need to know which lawnmower will be the best for your year considering its size. Because you can't go to a market and pick any of these as your wish. This can't be it.

If you want to invest your money in something long-lasting and good, then you have to do a little research on these lawnmowers. And for your better understanding, here is a short buying guide about these lawnmowers mentioned above.

But before buying these, you need to know the types of lawnmowers first and how to use them.

lawnmowers are categorized according to how the customer deals with them and what kind of fuel they use (if any).

Push lawnmowers work as expected: the operator steps behind the mower and drives it forward. The operator of a riding mower stays top of or behind the deck, and he keeps steering from back there.

The driver's force is the only source of power for push mowers; the others are powered by gas or electricity.

More Discomfort Now, Less Discomfort Later

There are some common features or points that you need to deal with if you want to buy a lawn mower for your needs. The kind of mower you choose will decide whether lawn maintenance is a chore or a pleasurable experience.

If you buy a mower purely based on price, or if you buy one that isn't right for your yard, you'll have to work harder any other weekend during the season when weekends are most necessary.

You would hardly note the challenge if you invest in a decent mower now and choose the right mower for your farm.

Hopefully, this argument would be the most important takeaway from this lawn mower buying guide. Purchasing a corded lawn mower is a long-term commitment, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Three Factors to Consider when Making a Decision

There are three common and most important things to remember if you are about to choose your needed mower. And the facts are here below-

  • The size and the landscape of your yard
  • Your budget
  • Access to comfort ability while mowing the lawn

The sort of yard you have will decide which type of mower you can buy first.

When you go shopping for a shirt or something you like to wear, you want to make sure it suits you correctly. The same can be done for mowing. It has to fit first, for the betterment of your yard and yourself of course!

Is your new backyard tiny or big? A walk-behind self-propelled, drive, or reel mower is ideal for narrow, flat yards, such as those found in more developed areas.

However, if your lawn doubles as a golf course on weekends, you should consider investing in a riding mower.

What will work for your yard?

When considering the recommendations in this or every other lawn mower buying guide, the size of your yard is likely to be the most important determining factor.

You should choose a mower that can handle the size of your lawn. That's right!

It is the primary and the most important thing to do before you buy a corded lawn mower for yourself.

Because without it you can't decide what will be the best for your yard. And you must know it. The design of your yard and the characteristics that are most important to you should be the key factors when buying a corded lawn mower.

Riding mowers are best for yards larger than a half-acre because of their pace and ease of use. The deck size of a mower, or the width of the cutting section, defines how quickly it can cut a lawn.

However, larger isn't necessarily better. Remember how much of the lawn is unequal, upward, or obstructed by bushes or other settings.

After that, think about the characteristics. Few riding mowers are more comfortable and vibration-free than others. Some push mowers have a hydraulic mechanism, which allows you to focus more on directing the mower rather than moving it. Furthermore, some mowers are designed for better access to the wheels, the underside of the deck, and the engine, which may be beneficial when cleaning or doing maintenance.

A walk-behind mower will always be suitable for tiny yards, but what if you own hills or even a gentle incline? You'll need a self-propelled model that can tackle the landscape.

And if you do not want to face this type of problem then our buyer guide has some solutions for you. Or you can name it as a suggestion.

If you want any self-propelled lawn mower, you can go for the Powersmart lawn mower. Because it doesn't need to be moved by anyone, rather it runs itself. You just need to fix its direction while mowing your lawn mower.

Its amazing capabilities will do the best for your lawn to make it perfect for you. For instance, this self-propelled lawn mower with a 21-inch steel-bodied mowing deck has four powerful strokes. It offers the advantages of cutting height wide and thick grass with the aid of an impressive single-cylinder gas engine that provides an efficient backup.

Besides, this self-propelled system has a 5-position height adaptation feature that helps you to alter the height according to your needs. The cutting diameter of this lawn mower is 21 inches, and the span can be adjusted between 1.2 and 3.0 inches.

Your Budget!

Considering the budget before buying a lawn mower for your yard is a wise thing to do. And there will be some variations too, lawn mower-wise.

It's no wonder that the price range for lawnmowers is as diverse as the styles and models available. A $75 manual machine can be had, whereas a professional rated mowers can cost just as a brand new vehicle. Fortunately, the average homeowner would choose a mower that is far less expensive.

For instance, Some of you want to have the best lawn mower under $200. Others' expectations may vary. They might want the best gas lawn mower under $200. And this can happen. We all can have different choices and needs.

Now, the thing is even if you have different choices, the common thing you have to do is to fix your budgets first.

For instance, If you have a wide yard, understand the long-term consequences of your investment. Investing in a good riding mower now will enable you to reclaim your weekends for the next 5+ years.

How much more would you be willing to pay for it? I know I'd spend a fortune, but we all have a schedule to stick to, and if you can't afford fresh, you can always check out for used lawnmowers and there's nothing wrong with it.

Side by side you can get these mowers at a low price in lawn mower clearance. You have to do a search for it and wait for the chance to get it at lawn mower clearance.

If you are wondering how it's like to choose or buy a used lawn mower, well, then I would like to say, there are mostly those common features that you need to check before buying some used lawn mowers, as just as brand lawnmower s.

Riding mowers, such as the lawn tractor or a commercial-grade zero-turn mower, are durable and can comfortably mow up to 12 acres of land.

They are, though, incredibly costly. One can be seen for $1,800 at the nearest big box store, but most high-quality ones cost upwards of $3,000.

I know, these are very costly. But you can get the best lawn mower for under $200 too. Let me make this easy for you! All the lawnmowers mentioned above are budget-friendly. This means you can pick one of these according to your need.

And, now about the best gas-powered lawn mower under $200. If you need any, you can prefer to pick between this PowerSmart lawn mower or Craftsman lawnmower. The descriptions are well enough to make you choose between these, I guess.

This video will help you to choose the correct lawn mower precisely..

Access to Comfort Ability While Mowing

Generally, all we look for is comfort while doing something. Be it work or spending some leisure time. Just like this, you all want a perfect lawn mower that can reduce your work pressure and deliver a fluent job as you please.

So, if you are looking for these easy, light-weighted lawnmowers, I can suggest to you that these 7 lawnmowers are all very light-weighted and can work without any effort.

According to your yard size, you can select lawnmowers among these. Because these are not only light-weighted but also can save up your storage. So, you don't have to worry about giving it space.

So, till now you've come to know about some common facts about lawnmowers that might help you decide which to take. Now, we are going to focus on some more points about the mentioned lawnmowers here, and you need to know the facts before you jump up for buying one of these.

Gas-Powered lawn mower

Gas-powered lawnmowers are mowers that are powered by gas. These types of lawnmowers were very popular before. It's still in use though. Gas-powered lawnmowers are preferable for large or big lawns. Because it can keep up with the distance. Though, gas mower are a little noisy. It creates sound while working.

Besides, a gas-powered lawn mower emits a lot of airborne pollution and greenhouse gases when it burns its gasoline, which can impact the air quality in your house and your neighborhood. So you must take note of it before buying a gas-powered lawn mower for your yard.

Electric-Powered lawn mower

An electric-powered lawn mower is activated by a battery. It can be used better for small lawnmowers. Battery-operated electric lawn mower are relatively light, weighing 50 to 60 pounds on average, and easy to handle without having to continuously account for the chain. Any of the newer battery models are self-propelled as well, although this option typically cuts battery run time in half.

Electric-powered lawnmowers are eco-friendly. That means, it doesn't smell bad or it does not waste gasoline. Lithium is used in rechargeable batteries for cordless mower, and its processing has been related to water contamination. If going green is a top priority for you, a corded electric mower would have the least environmental effects. Also, you have a small yard, we recommend you give it a thought for electric lawnmower.

Corded lawn mower

Corded lawn mower are those that have cord entangled with it. It works well but in some cases, it faces abandonment due to its electric cord which has to remain in touch with an outlet. Though, they get unlimited time because of this non-stop run time.

Cordless lawn mower

Cordless lawn mower runs by battery power mainly. It is easy to move because it doesn't have anything attached to it. It works better for small lawns. The durability depends on the charge. If it's charged fully, it can work well. But, as soon as the charge goes down, it can't work properly. Thus, the total durability of work can be on average from 45 to 60 minutes sometimes.


When you buy any of these lawnmowers mentioned above, you must remember to maintain them properly. Be it any kind of lawn mower, the common thing to do is to take care of it. To charge it if it's a battery-charged lawn mower. To clean the parts, the blades of it. Or if needed, to replace the parts of the working corded lawnmower.

To be precise, All mower blades should be sharpened once a year, and the frame and decks should be swept daily to avoid lawn clippings clogging the system. Besides, air filters, spark plugs, and other tune-up products are required for gas-powered mowers. Electric lawn mower require cleaning as well, but they require less maintenance overall.

Power Source

When you want to buy a lawn mower, the very thing you need to know is the source of it. Like if it's a gas-powered, or battery-powered electric lawn mower. Gas-powered lawnmowers are mainly used for big lawns. And, battery-powered electric lawns are generally used for small lawns.


It's no wonder that the price range for lawnmowers is as diverse as the styles and models available. A $75 manual push mower can be had, whereas high-end professional-grade mowers can cost as much as a new vehicle. Fortunately, it is known that the average homeowner would choose a cordless mower that is far less expensive.

Accessories, cordless electric lawn mower options, and production quality will also affect the price, with top-of-the-line models costing up to twice as much as base models. Lawnmowers at the upper end of the price spectrum are often sold with financing.

However, if you do not want to invest a lot of money in such mowers, you can get them from a lawn mower clearance sale. You can find them at a discounted price!


To make lawn care simpler, most lawnmowers accept attachment pieces. A bagging method is the most common since it makes catching lawn debris much easier. Other common accessories, such as sunshades for riding mowers that provide UV protection, are more about the user's convenience.

If you choose to use a particular accessory, look at how it fits the mower you're considering and whether it has the appropriate hitch or connector. We can recommend these hyper tough lawnmowers for your yard because it will be good for your choice if you do little queries before buying about the qualities and the facts related to it.

What is the best corded electric lawn mower?

Measuring the total yard size, considering all these facts which you want for your yard, we can say that this corded electric lawn mower is all that you need. Because these are designed to solve your problem and to give your yard a pleasant look. All the mentioned corded electric lawn mowers can meet your expectation. And hope the guidelines will help you choose your favorite.

Are the corded electric lawn mower good?

Yes! We would say yes. Because of their flexibility, the quality of the lawn mower itself and the quality of its service will leave you astonished. And, the mowers are in different sizes too. They will provide the same service which you ask for. You just have to determine your decision according to your yard size and your needs, and the rest will be done by your lawn mowing.

What are the best corded electric lawn mower consumer reports?

The sum of the consumer reports tells that the products have been very good to deal with. The experience was great! These lawnmowers require many features and supply the service just like one expects. Of course, there are some pros and cons of these but including all the facts, the corded electric lawn mower s works great!

How to know that the corded electric lawn mower is about to run out?

When you start to work with your corded electric lawn mower, you will find the freshness and excellency of the new product from the work it'll do. And if some months or years passed by, you will notice the changes in the product. For instance, it will not be durable like before, the sharpness of the blade will disappear, you have to take care of it frequently, the damages will occur frequently, the machine will be overheated by working.

These are some probable symptoms that you might face if your lawn is about to expire. That's how you know and that's when you will need to come up with some actions to take care of your lawn mower.

Final Words

Here, we have tried our best to mention all the best corded electric lawn mower that customers like. But, you can't find your most needed lawn mower by choosing one of the above. For this, you have to give it a deep look, including all the positive and negative aspects that are written here. Then, most probably you can find a way to deal with it.

You can tell us about the current lawn mower you use now. Also, let us know the reviews of your corded electric lawn mower so that others can decide to pick it or not.

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