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Both for a tradesman or a DIYer, there are plenty of good reasons why you should have a bolt cutter in your toolbox. From cutting metal wires for a fencing installation to trimming padlock in your backyard, a bolt cutter is a tool you need to reach up to first.

Our article introduces the 7 best bolt cutters from reputed companies that are competing in the market. These are the most durable, efficient, and price-worthy pieces, specially featured for a beneficial reading!

Top 7 Bolt Cutters

You cannot buy each bolt cutter from the market and test them. So, for your ease, we have gone through the bolt cutters and came up with the best ones. Check out the positive and negative aspects so that picking up one is easy for you!

Tekton 8 Inch Bolt Cutter

Major Features

Manufacturer: TEKTON

Item Weight: 5.6 ounces

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 2.25 x 0.5 inches

Country of Origin: China

Item model number: 3386

Size: 8 inch

Color: Black

This 8 inch Bolt cutter by Tekton might just be the tool you need for cutting bolts, chains, threaded rods, etc. It even cuts heavy gauge wires up to 3/16 inches in diameter.

Despite the small look in size, this bolt cutter offers heavy-duty cutting power. It works with the solid alloy steel jaws and compound leave which maximizes leverage. This allows the cutter to be sturdy enough to cut through even fencing chains or any similar-sized material. 

This bolt cutter cuts effortlessly as the rolled handles are cushioned with non-slipping rubber, providing more grip to the users. The handles don't bend or twist under high pressure by the handler, yet feel comfortable to the hands.

Weighing just about 6 ounces & minimal dimensions, this tool fits into any toolbox and tool pocket for instant usage.


Pocket-friendly price

Non-slip rubber handle

Heavy-duty cutter

Comfortable to use

User-friendly size

Fits inside the toolbox easily



WORKPRO Bolt Cutter with Bi-Material Handle

Major Features

Manufacturer: Hangzhou Great Star Industrial Co. LTD.

Item Weight: 2.31 pounds

Product Dimensions:‎ 17.71 x 5.9 x 1.96 inches

Country of Origin: China

Item model number: W017004A

Size: 14"

If you are a DIYer, you probably know that a bolt cutter isn't used that frequently. Thus you wouldn't want to let a big bunch of bills out of your pocket for one.

To suggest you a pocket-friendly yet multi-functioning bolt cutter, WORKPRO is just the find we have for you!

The tool is ideal for cutting soft metal, boots, rods, rivets, and chains. Sadly, it doesn't cut through locks. However, it comes in 4 different ranges than cuts diameter from 5mm with the 14” size to 12mm with the 30” size.

The classic lever-fulcrum design and precisely aligned blades provide added leverage without much effort. Plus, WORKPRO had forged the handles with dual material: one to provide a softer feeling for comfort and another to provide grip for maximum control.


High efficiency


Highly pocket friendly


Precisely aligned blades added

Provides maximum control


Doesn't cut locks

KOTTO Bolt Cutter Pliers Set

Major Features

Manufacturer: KOTTO

Item model: ‎54-HSJC-O3OS

Item Weight: 3.74 pounds

Package Dimension: 16 x 5.7 x 1.9 inches

The set is a great deal for the price. It adds one 14” & two 8” bolt cutters to your tool supplies.

For thicker materials, the 14” strong bolt cutter is there. It is built using extremely hardened cutting blades with high frequency.

It can resist damage even if you use it against hard metals and the dents are made tough to sustain harsh usage.

Coming to the Mini 8 inches bolt cutter, made with strengthened rivets that bind firmly and not only lasts long but also does not fall off easily.

The smallest 8 inches cable cutter cuts copper wire, aluminum wire, medium hard wire, and soft wire all at once.

All the blades of this set are made from T8 steel, overall heat-treated, and have a high-frequency quench for toughness. All in all, it’s a win-win situation!


Long-lasting impact

3 in 1 set

Worth the price

Multi-tasking ability

Comes with a case

Easy to carry


Uncomfortable plastic handles

None-grip material

Happybuy Hydraulic Rebar Cutter

Major Features

Manufacture: Happybuy

Item model: ‎GJQGQ

Item Weight: 13.87 pounds

Package Dimensions: 22.13 x 9.21 x 4.96 inches

Size: ¾ inches

The Happybuy Rebar Cutter is for the times when you need a tool for cutting thicker materials. This bolt cutting tool uses the power of hydraulics to double the cutting power up to ¾ inches.

It is a lot compared to any other rebar cutters in the market.Among other features of the rebar cutter are the thick, anti-slip insulated handles

These are amazing for giving you a safe and comfortable using experience, multiple replaceable cutting blades, and a steelhead. It comes with a convenient carrying case for easy carriage and room for spare blades.


Comes with a tough carrier

Hydraulic mechanism increases productivity

Rubber coating on handles

The thickness provides a better result

Comes with replaceable blades

Has a steel-made head


Might feel heavier in weight

KNIPEX Tools - CoBolt S, Compact Bolt Cutter

Major Features

Manufacturer: Knipex Tools

Item Weight: 7 ounces

Product Dimensions: 6.57 x 1.77 x 0.55 inches

Item model number: 7101160

Size: 6-Inch

Material: Steel

This tool is the number 1 choice of tradesmen worldwide. It has been tested and proven for higher durability & functions outstanding in real-world conditions.

The company has oriented it as a value-guaranteed product. The cutter slices through metal grills, wires, rings, and other materials with a diameter of up to 6 inches.

It is very easy to carry for its size and weight of only 7 ounces. The cutter-head and body are made of steel though the handles are plastic wrapped for a more comfortable grip. It can be an essential addition to any toolkit.



German made



Durable steel construction

Outstanding quality


Shorter cut strokes

Olympia Tools Power Grip Bolt Cutter

Major Features

Manufacturer: Olympia Tools

Item Weight: 2.3 pounds

Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 1.2 x 5.9 inches

Country of Origin: China

Item model number: 39-114

Size: 14-Inch

We would call it the right tool for the job! Olympia Tools has designed the cutter with a wide length of the handle and folding ability to maximize the leverage which gives you a more comforting experience while applying maximum pressure.

The handles have a thick rubber grip too for the comfort of your hands. The heat-treated and forged alloy steel head makes sure the bolt cutter is going to last longer.

The most interesting part is that it is a 42-inch tool which is huge compared to any other tool in your kit. Yet it is easy to carry or transport as it folds up into a tool case with ease. It is surely made to tolerate any extreme working conditions.



High efficiency

Innovative design

Heavy-duty leverage

High portability with easy carrying facility

Less costly for the size


Choking hazard as it includes small parts

Gunpla Carpenters Pincers Wire Cutting Pliers & Nail Puller

Major Features

Manufacturer: Gunpla

Item Weight: 13.8 ounces

Package Dimension: 10.6 x 3.3 x 0.4 inches

Size: 8 inches - Carpenters Pincer

Color: Black and yellow

Material: Carbon steel

The manufacturers are serious when it comes to their tool quality. Gunpla Heavy-Duty End-Nipper Cutting Pliers is built with premium high-carbon, drop-forged, polished steel. The cutter jaw has an electronic coating to help prevent rusting.

The vinyl-wrapped handles provide high leverage and possess a comfort-grip coating for firm control. It is equally sharp and safe.

Gunpla Heavy-Duty Cutting Pliers have a 24mm jaw to grip large objects. You can use the tool to cut steel wire or pull nails out from the board.

You can remove panel pins without damaging your trim pieces. It is a must-have if you are intending to rip off old carpet or install wooden floors.


Reliable & High quality

Durable for long-term use

Easy panel pins removing

Comes with vinyl wrapped handles

A 2 in 1 tool

Comfortable grip

100% money warranty


Does not include case

Buying Guide For Bolt Cutters

bolt cutters
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Here is a buying guide for the ones that are planning to buy a bolt cutter. Keep in mind that every cutter won’t fit your requirements. It’s necessary to make a list of your preference first.


The length of the bolt cutter matters because the larger the length, the better leverage you get. In short, if you get a large bolt cutter, the leverage will be high and this means, it will be easy for you to cut. The length makes your work easier. Go for the 42-inch bolt cutters over 30-inch, you will require less hard work.

Blade Quality

The cutting blade quality will assure you how good the bolt cutter will cut. A steel blade is amazing while choosing the bolt cutter. If you get forged steel that has a hardened edge, it will be great for you. Also, the blade should be easy to clean.


If the bolt cutter handle is not comfortable to use, you are going to have a rough time with it. Get the one that helps you hold it without any discomfort. In this case, always remember that the grip should be nonslip so that you don’t drop it while working.

Search for the long handles; these are great for afford you the leverage you need. From steel handles to plastic, you will get several materials for the handle. We recommend aluminum handles as they are light. However, you have to spend a bit extra on this.

Cutting Capacity

Well, not only the length is important. In terms of picking up the right bolt cutter, the cutting capacity is a feature that requires attention. Here, by cutting capacity, we refer to the maximum thickness of your cutter.

The maximum capacity your cutter is capable of cutting will tell you if it is the right deal for your job or not. The standard cutting capacity of regular bolt cutters is ½ inch, ¼ inch, and 5/16 inch. Well, the higher cutting capacity will afford you a better job.


When you pick up a bolt cutter that is heavyweight, your hands will get tired of hold it. As the job is already tough, you won’t like to make it tougher. This is why you need to pick up the cutter that’s good-quality but lightweight.

But some bolt cutters use cheap materials for the blade which makes it lighter. The weight is the last concern. First, you have to ensure the previously mentioned facilities are in a cutter and then decide on the lightweight one. 

FAQs on Bolt Cutters

Can bolt cutters actually cut bolts?

Yes, bolts cutters are specially designed for cutting bolts along with wire mesh, chains, and padlocks. Any heavy type of metals that you cannot cut with regular shears is an easy job for the bolt cutters. There are several types and sizes available in the market, choose wisely.

Are longer bolt cutters better?

Well, if you think that size isn’t important, you are wrong. For bolt cutters, it matters. If you pick up a longer bolt cutter, you get long arms. And this affords you more leverage which refers to increased cutting power. So, yes, long bolt cutters provide more power!

How thick a chain can bolt cutters cut?

We have already mentioned that bolt cutters can cut chains. In the case of padlocks and cables, bolts cutters are capable of cutting 3.8 inches thick ones. These will cost you more or less $20. For cutting rods and rivets, 14 inch bolt cutters are amazing. You will get 18-inch and 24-inch bolt cutters in the market too. And then there are the 30 to 42 inches ones too. Keep in mind that the longer bolt cutter you pick, the less effort you will need for cutting.

Wrap Up

No matter you are cutting bolts or chains, wire mesh, or padlocks, bolt cutters are an amazing tool for DIYers. However, if you require perfection, not all bolt cutters will be helpful.

This is why you need to rely on the best one. Check out the positive and negative aspects of the mentioned bolt cutters and then decide which one to pick! 

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