8 Best Tools For Clearing Brush in 2021

Fact Checked By James A Weber | Post Updated On: October 5, 2021
You are ready with the perfect gloves along with eyes and ear protection. But where is your clearing brush tool? When there is an overgrown brush in your yard, keeping it clean will require a brush.

You can’t just get one tool that can do everything. For this, you have to check out the available tools. And then, pick up the right one for you. Here are some best tools for clearing brushes, check them out!

Our Top 8 Clearing Brush Tools

Here are some amazing tools that you can use for clearing brush. Not everyone on the list will fit your requirements. So, first, set a list of requirements and then choose the needed one wisely!


When you are talking about the brush clearing tools, the first name that we should mention is a chainsaw. This is one of the best clearing brush tools that you can get in the market. The best part about these tools is you can work with almost all brush sizes with this one.

Along with this, you do not need to put too much effort into the working process. All you need is a lightweight chainsaw and handle it will. The only thing that can be disturbing while using the chainsaw for clearing brush is the noise.

They are not quiet. But if you want to settle for something that can do the work at a faster pace, a chainsaw is the key.

Weed Trimmer

If you are dealing with small brushes and weed, why are you not getting a wood trimmer? All you need is a good-grade weed trimmer and that’s all. Make sure that the blades are hard. There are available trimmers with replaceable lines.

But you better not settle for them if you are working with taller weeds. Pick up a gas-powered trimmer, these are comfortable to use. And in this way, you don’t need to recharge the battery or use annoying cables!

Pole Saw

In the case of clearing overhead brush away, the best tool for you is a pole saw. Yes, we know that you might get confused about using it. But trust us; we are recommending a clearing brush tool asa pole saw for necessary reasons!

First of all, there are extra-long handles added with a pole saw. And this is what will help you in the job. With this one, the cutting part will move perfectly. Overhead work is tough with the other tools when pole saw makes it easier for you.

For the telescopic pole, you can reach them and clear them without any discomfort. However, if you are new to pole saw, this can be a bit tough for you to get used to it. Once you know how to do it, you will act like a pro! For the tree limbs that you can’t reach or the tall bushes that are out of your reach, a pole saw is everything you need.


We know what you are thinking! Who uses an axe these days? These are old-fashioned! Yes, they are, we bet! But an old fashion axe is the boss of everything since day one! All you need is a sharped axe blade added to the axe and you are ready for clearing brush.

Whenever it is about chopping small trees, don’t forget about axes. The small tress at times will entangle with the other brush. But with an axe, you can get rid of this too! The best part is you have to options from choosing among several axes in the market.

We recommend you get the axe that has a head added securely to the bolt. Don’t settle for the glued axe blades, these will fall if you go harsh on them. You do not want the axe head to fly off with your on the head, right? Ha-ha!

Pruning Shears

In the world of clearing brush, you might face brush hat have thick saplings. And this is when pruning shears will help you out! The weeds that have thick saplings are tough to deal with other tools. The best thing about the pruning shears is their lightweight nature.

This is a handy tool but it is efficient too! Such easy-to-use tools can cut through a brush of 1 inches diameter. The wood handles add to this tool will do amazing for you.

The branch will fit into the beak-like end and all you need to do is close the handles! The branch will be gone within seconds after you use this one. Why wouldn’t you love to carry such a portable device!


Another portable tool that you can use for clearing brush is a hatchet. Preferably, go for the small hatchets that are easy to carry and do your job whenever you want! You cannot always carry a big axe or a chainsaw, right?

These work as great as the axe but without giving you too much worry about carrying them. However, it’s necessary to ensure that you are always keeping the blade sharpened. In this way, it will cut through the small trees. It works for trees up to 2 inches in diameter.

When it comes to welding, these are comfier than axes. But if you are talking about the large trees, we cannot suggest you this one. These are only great for a specific range we have mentioned here.


As we have talked about hatchet, how can we forget about a machete? Though the name is similar, the face isn’t. A hatchet looks like a small axe when a machete looks like a knife with a longer blade. But if you are dealing with what work they do, THE SAME!

A machete is a brush-clearing tool that will never disappoint you when it is about small saplings. There are small saplings that are smaller than one inch in diameter. If you are tired of dealing with these, settle for a machete. But if they are not sharp, they won’t do the job for you. On the other hand, you will love to see how portable a machete is. They don’t take up too much space.

Keep in mind that while you are working with a machete, you will require arm or muscle strength. This is why you might face muscle pain too. But if you are used to working with it for enough time, you can get used to it.

Stump Grinder

Clearing brush will lead to stumps. And these left-out stumps are something that you need to take out. This is when we talk about a stump grinder. Highly easy to use, these grinders are great for digging them out with the help of a shovel.

There are several sized stump grinders available in the market. You have to pick up the one that fits your standard and your requirements. They will grind away the stump and clear brush for you. At times, you will see people using chemicals for removing the stumps. However, the process is lengthy.

If you want something faster than this, a high-quality stump grinder will do the job nicely for you. With this, you will require a little bit of effort. But you will get a faster result right after working with it. For professional purposes, nobody has a substitute for a stump grinder because these are incredible.

FAQs on Clearing Brush Tools

What is the best tool for clearing brush?

Among the best tools for clearing brush, we must mention the name of chainsaw, axe, hatchet, and machete first. And then, we will suggest you have a look at stump grinder, shovel week wacker, bow saw, and tree pruner. Every tool has its work. You have to divide the brush according to length, thickness, and other points so that you can get the right tool for getting rid of them.

What can kill brush permanently?

If you want to kill brush permanently, you have to settle for vinegar. With it, you will need some dish detergent too. Vinegar is amazing for killing brush permanently. But vinegar won’t stay on the brush for long. This is why you need to use dish detergent. This works as an adhesive and helps the vinegar stick to the leaves of the brush.

What is underbrush clearing?

Where land clearing is very intense, underbrush clearing will be a softer version of this one. In this process, you will remove the brush but carefully. You won’t be using the scraping the land method. Here, you have to work on mowing along with hydro-axing.

Wrap Up

Picking on one clearing tool for all of the jobs isn’t what we suggest you. Instead, we are recommending you narrow down your requirements and then settle for two to three tools for clearing brush.

In this way, you can clear the brush according to the situation, thickness, length, and other specifics. Don’t forget to let us know in the comment box which one you picked up. Also, suggest the name of the clearing brush that works the best for you!

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