7 Tips For Choosing Firewood | Best Way To Store

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No matter you are camping, enjoying the deck-time, or just cooking, firewood can lighten up the mood and get you a perfect evening! All you need to do is buy the right firewood!

Today, we will tell you the quick and easy tips for buying firewood. Check these out and you will end up having the incredible firewood at your door!

7 Tips For Choosing Firewood

Cord Details

If you have previous experience in buying cords, you already know that you have to buy firewood by the cord. If you don’t know what cord is, let us explain a bit. It is a stack of wood that is 8 feet in length, 4 feet in height, and 4 deep in depth.

A fireplace cord or rick is usually one-third of the entire cord. So, the single stack will be 4 feet in height and 4 feet in length. Before you get your hands on the firewood, double-check your idea on the cord.

The Right Wood Type

In most cases, we are careless about the wood we select for burning but this can be a vital issue. If you love outdoor fireplaces and want to get firewood for such places, you can rely on any sort of wood! It will give you the same results.

However, we also love indoor fireplaces. If you are one of these people, you have to check the wood type of your firewood. Oak and maple firewood are dense and work better here. Go for softer wood when you are working inside the house, because it will burn faster than the others. Also, there will be no long-lasting coals. Go for Ash or Poplar if you can.

When you select one for a cooking fire, you can get your hands on maple and fruitwoods to give your food a better flavor. Never settle for plywood, painted woof, stained wood, or particle wood. If you have some recently harvested greenwood, they will surely have high moisture. In this case, let them dry out for at least nine to ten months.

​Don’t forget to comment below on your secret tips for buying firewood. Have you ever faced any other issues regarding it?

Tips for choosing firewood
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​Storing Firewood

Whenever you want a better deal, the best option is to go for a bulk offer! Yes, if you want to buy the firewood in bulk, you will surely get enough of them to spend the whole year!

But for this, storage is a factor here. Check if you have enough storage for keeping the bulk order or not. Make sure that when you store, there is enough place among the logs so that they can get dry and prevent rotting.

Small Orders

We know we told you to get the bulk order if you can. But what if the dealer is new? What if you cannot trust him? If you are new here, you won’t understand everything. So, all you can do is a test!

When you have confusion, you can settle for a small order so that you can check if they work properly or not. If the firewood does, you are ready to get the bulk order again!


Once you get the right dealer for buying firewood, keep good communication between you so that you can buy from them later.

Also, while buying it, keep asking the necessary question. Ask questions about the wood type. If the wood is split or seasoned, cost and other details-ask him everything you need to know.

Tips For Cutting Firewood:

Choosing the right one is the first task for cutting firewood. The selection of perfect kind of logs to split also concern with this things. You should try to avoid softer woods or aspen and stick with hardwood. It will burn longer and hotter.

Selecting the perfect chopping surface helps you to avoid putting wood directly onto the ground. Whenever you go to cottage or out in the woods can situate a nice big stamp. You will have perfect chopping surface.

You can secure logs in place. This video show you how to use firewood

​Buying Firewood: FAQs

How long will a cord of wood burn?

If you settle for a full cord, it will last more or less 7-10 weeks. In this case, you have to use this stack as a primary heat source for your house. If there are other sources, it might last a bit longer.

What is the best way to season firewood?

The right way to season firewood is to stack it in a specific place where it gets proper sunlight. As a result, it will get warm. On the other hand, ensure that the wind can blow through it too! This will take away the wetness and dry it!

Can you burn rotted wood?

Rotted wood tends to less dense and so, it won’t be able to generate the heat that the unrotten wood can.

On the other hand, if there is any exposure to water or moisture, the wood will be rotted. You don’t think wood can burn well if it is not dry, do you? So, avoid burning it in the fireplace.

Wrap Up

Now that you have known the easy tips for buying firewood, all you need to do is waiting for the winter! In winter, you can easily light up the deck or the indoor with firewood and enjoy life!

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