7 Best Cordless Drill Under 50 in 2021 | Buying Guide & Reviews

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A drill is just as necessary as a saw in the woodworking business. No matter you work with wood, metal, plastic, or tile and no matter you are a professional or just a DIY enthusiast, having a drill in your bag can make all your work easy!

Not all drill are perfect for carrying everywhere. For taking the drill here and there, you need something handy or portable. In this case, cordless drills are the best! If you are searching for best cordless drill under 50, you are in the right place!

Now, we will discuss which cordless drill to select and how to understand which one's better for you! Bear with us and let us know what's the tea!

Our Top 7 Best Cordless Drill Under $50

  1. TECCPO 530 In-lbs Torque Cordless Drill
  2. WAKYME Cordless Screwdriver Kit
  3. RIGID R860052 Compact Cordless Drill Set
  4. WAKYME 12.6 V Cordless Drill 300In-lb Torque
  5. TECCPO Brushless Cordless Drill Driver 530 IN-LB Torque
  6. Black Decker 20V Cordless Drill Driver Max Torque
  7. Black Decker LD120VA Powerful Cordless Drill
Don't worry about the money; there are still incredibly low-priced drills that are available in the market. All you need to learn is how to use a cordless drill select the drill and start the work!
best cordless drill under 50 dollars
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Whenever it comes to the best affordable drills, you always want something handy. And this TECCPO one is one of them! It includes metal gears that make it durable. Along with this, has a key less ratcheting chuck. It certifies ultimate durability too! The accessory compatibility makes your drilling work easier.

To ensure that you get perfectly drilled holes, there are options for adjusting the speed. You can go at variable speed trigger you want! The ergonomic handle is covered with rubber so that there is no compromise with your comfort.

On the other end, using it is easier because you get fewer vibrations while you work! Even if you are working in a dark area, the LED light is there to light it up and make your work ongoing. Apart from this,the motor is a powerful 4-pole copper motor that serves you pretty well.

It comes with a lithium ion battery of 2000MAH and keeps the battery run for a longer period! Even when you are drilling for a long period, the battery will remain cool. There are two different speed transmissions. It comes with all the gears required for your work.


  • 2000 mAh Li-ion batteries
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Comes with the necessary gears
  • Rubber handle530 In-lbs Torque
  • LED light included
  • Works with metal, wood, and plastic


  • Plastic case for accessories 
  • Some sds drill bits attach well

Another copper-bearing cordless drill in the market that will amaze you is this WAKYME one. There are added two batteries of 1500 mAh that will serve you for a long time. Along with this, you will get an endurable run and steady power. 

Even if you don't know how to use a cordless drill, you can get this one; it is highly comfortable to operate. It has 3/8 inches key less chuck for your comfort. This comes in two different speed settings. So, no matter you are doing the works where you need less speed or you are going for a tough job, this kit will always be on your side. This cordless hand drill also comes with a strong load capacity. 

Though the quality and construction are topnotch, the weight is very light and it is highly portable. It includes three different modes. You can use the modes for hammer drill and driver! So, you are getting almost everything in one kit! There is also LED light added at the front. So, you don't need to be worried about working in low light anymore!

You can add and remove the bits easily with the help of the forward/reverse switch. There are a lot of accessories included in the kit to complete all your jobs!


  • 1500 mAh Li-ion batteries: 2 piece
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Double drill bits slots
  • Comes with the necessary gears
  • Incredibly compact and lightweight
  • Easy to carry storage box added
  • LED light included Works with the metal, wood, plastic, wall, etc.


  • Doesn't have a pretty outlook
  • Some accessories are of no use

If you are looking for something that can offer too many position clutch, you can always go and get a RIGID drill. Their drills are incredible in terms of performance and quality. These drills by this brand include 24 different position clutch. 

With the torque setting on this drill, you can work both the light drilling works and the complicated ones too! This best affordable drill works as a drill and a driver both. So, bearing both is not necessary anymore if you have this one!

The gears of this kit are made of metal. You cannot complain about the construction of this cordless power drill! For the rugged construction, it will be durable in the Job site. For working in the slippery areas, the brand introduces you to MICROTEXTURE GRIP; now, there's no worry of dropping the gear!

There are two different motor speeds for all sorts of operations when it comes to this RIGID drill. It is 1500 RPM and comes with 18-volt batteries. At the back of the drill, there is a storage part of storing one drill bit that you might need near you!

So, you do not need to carry the whole kit if you can manage within two bits! The kit includes a double-ended screwdriver bit too and this one is great for fastening jobs.


  • 18-volt batteries
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Comes with the necessary gears
  • Works with metal, wood, plastic, walls, etc.
  • Includes double-ended bosch drill bits
  • Storage for keeping the additional bit
  • 24 different position clutch


  • Tough to operate 
  • No storage box

Another drill/driver of the market by WAKYME is this one which is loved by the users for the top notch features it includes. It has a very powerful motor. The 19000-23000 RPM motor will lead you to whatever you want when it comes to the tougher jobs.

Though the motor of this cordless hammer drill is very powerful, the drill is very lightweight. It is compact and so, you can carry this drill outside of the house too! It includes 81 different clutches for making your drilling life easier. Apart from that, you will get two different speed settings for working just fine.

It is a combination of hammer drill, and driver. So, the time for carrying each of the gears is bygone now. In the dark, you can switch the LED light of this drill on and you are good to go! There are two batteries included in the kit of 1500 mAh. There is a 3.8 inches key less chuck added with an automatic spindle lock.

This certifies you can change the bit with one hand without any discomfort! The construction is made ideal with the use of a copper double-bearing gear motor!


  • 1500 mAh Li ion battery
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Comes with the necessary gears
  • Lightweight drill
  • Relatively low vibrations
  • LED light included
  • Works with metal, wood, and plastic


  • Not for too tough work
  • Charger is not of good grade like hammer drill

These days, TECCPO drills are leading the market for their outstanding technology. When it comes to asking who makes the best cordless drill, often the name of TECCPPO arises. This combi drill in a cordless design by the brand includes 2 batteries altogether.

These 20V li-ion batteries will last as long as you need to work with them when it comes to drilling holes. While working, if one battery is dead, you can choose the other one and continue working! From saving time to affording you perfect drill bits, this kit is a must-have in a drill workers bag. These are 2.0Ah batteries and are highly powerful.

Along with this, you will get a drill charger that can charge the batteries faster than the speed of light. There is a key less chuck made of all-metal of ½ inches. This cordless hand drill chuck is not plastic and provides you better results than those! On the contrary, you get 21 position clutch here and two different speeds for working with the drill.

No matter you are drilling ceramic or metal, wood or tile, this one will be with you in every situation! This best affordable drill motor is designed in a brushless manner, so, there will be no sparks and you will be safe while drilling holes in your workspace!


  • 530 In-lbs Torque
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Comes with the necessary gears
  • No spark
  • Trigger activated LED light
  • Works with metal, wood, ceramic, tile, plastic, etc.
  • Brushless motor design
  • Comes with additional quick-charging batteries


  • The charger has a smell
  • Some bits are not worthy

After making a good impression in the other electrical and mechanical sectors, Black Decker is making its existence visible in the drilling market too. The best cheap drill, cordless tool by the topnotch company is designed for drilling wood, plastic, metal, and other screw driving tasks. With this, you get the opportunity of changing the speed.

So, no matter you need to work fast or slow, this can help you everywhere! There is no chance of damaging the material if you are with this! Apart from this, there is a drill bit holder added under the handle of the drill.

This best cheap drill can hold the bit for you! It also includes a double-ended bit for making the work more portable. The gear comes with 11 position clutch and the ergonomic design lets you carry it wherever you want! Along with this, the weight of the kit tells you that carrying it won't be tough too! The 20V MAX Li-Ion battery pack will serve you drilling capability for a long time.

You can use this best affordable drill as a driver too! From now on, you do not need to carry drill driver both in your kit; instead, you can keep this one only! This comes with all the necessary bits and accessories you need for the process. However, this drill is not meant for the professionals rather for the handyman and the DIY lovers.


  • 20V MAX Li-ion battery
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Comes with the necessary gears
  • maximum torque
  • Bit holder included
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Works with metal, wood, and plastic


  • Bad odor while charging
  • Gets overheated

So, who makes the best cordless drill? Yes, Black Decker! This is another Black Decker, but better! Yes, this drill by Black Decker has 24 position clutches which is incredibly better than the previous one we have mentioned here.

This one will prevent all sorts of stripping providing you better stability while drilling holes on different surfaces. Along with this, you will get extra control over the driving screws! Yes, let us tell you that this drill works as a cordless screwdriver too.

So, carrying it will be enough for both the driver and the drill you need in your workstation! With this kit, you will get 30 different accessories that you can add to the drill and do all your wood and metalwork! This cordless hand drill handle of the drill has a soft grip. So, you will never be uncomfortable while working!

Your hands will be comfortable. This includes a lithium battery that lasts for a longer period. It has 20v MAX batteries with a charger and required bits and nut drill driver included. You will get a magnetic holder with it too! With this, you can work on metal, wood, and plastic. It also has a 3/8 inches chuck. It becomes hot like dewalt drill but it's normal to work.


  • 20v Max li-ion batteries
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Comes with the necessary gears
  • Soft-grip handle
  • High torque
  • 3/8 inches chuck
  • Works with metal, wood, and plastic


  • Gets hot while working
  • Not designed for too heavy-duty work

Buyer's Guide For Affordable Cordless Drill Driver

best cordless drill under 50
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You must learn how to use a cordless drill, but before that, you have to learn if you have chosen the wrong one or not! You cannot just go inside the market and buy whatever drill you like. No, you just cannot do that! If you want to invest your money and get something that works better, you must do a little research. Here, we will discuss what thing you need to keep in mind while buying a cordless drill!


The first thing you have to look for is the battery. The brand is necessary here. If you want to know about who makes the best cordless drill, you have to check the battery to know it. The more powerful the battery, the better result you will get. Make sure that the battery lasts for a longer period. Also, if you get two batteries in a kit, we recommend you to get that one because two is always better than one! The Li-ion batteries are amazing and the new NiMH batteries in the market are doing outstanding too!


The more voltage the device has, the more power you will get. Check for the voltage before you buy any cordless drill or any power tool for your drilling work.

Speed Settings

If you know how to use a cordless drill, you already know about the speed settings. You should not get a drill that has only a one-speed setting. Instead, settle for the ones that can offer you variable speed trigger. At least two-speed settings; HIGH and LOW are necessary for you to do the drilling job properly. No all the drilling job requires same speed.


When you see a higher number in your clutch, you get to enjoy more settings with the drill machine. As a result; you get more control over the device. Yes, to keep your control on the device, get the one that offers you good clutch settings.

Keyless Chuck

It is a necessity now to get the gear that includes the keyless chuck. If you ask us who makes the best cordless drive, we will tell you that the one having keyless chuck is the best! These will help you to hand-turn it so that you can open and clock the chuck jaws. Through this, you can use only one hand to change the bits!

Chuck Jaws

The chuck jaws of most of the cordless combi drill in the market are about 3/8 inches which are good to go for almost all the users of the drill. However, some of the drills of 14.4 and 18v will offer you ½ inches diameter bits. Go through the bits and check which one works best for you.


As you are going to hold the corded drill for a long period and you have to put pressure, you must ensure that the device you are using has a good-grade grip. While holding the drill, you must feel comfortable. Softer grips are better to keep your hands comfortable. Even if you are searching for the best cheap drills, rubber grips do great in this case.

Size and Weight

The weight and size of a cordless drill are mostly low. However, some of them can be too heavy and bulky too! In this case, if you plan to take your drill out of the house, you must get the compact drill one. This makes storing the drill easy while traveling. Also, if the drill is lightweight, it gets portable and easy to carry when you move.


Often people forget this one but the trigger is a very necessary part of the drill. As you have to hold the trigger, certify that your index finger is fitting the area without any discomfort. In some cases, the area is too slippery and your finger slips off. Make sure that it can hold your finger well.


No matter which cordless drill kit you get, it is a better option to get your hands on the accessories that are specifically designed for the drill you bought. The kit should include the necessary gears so that you can use them to get your job done. As the drills nowadays are the driver and drill both, you have to make sure that the accessories fit well with it.

Additional Facilities

Some drills include a special storage tight spaces at the bottom part to store drill bits for sudden necessity. Get the one if you need it. Also, if you usually work in the dark areas or you require more light to watch your work, you can go for the drills that have a LED light added with them. You can use it both in the dark and in the light to add more visibility. There are drills these days that include hammer mode along with the driver and drill modes. You can also get your hands on them to make a better-drilled hole!

Frequently Asked Questions on Cheap Cordless Drill

Is 18v better than 20v?

Whenever you are dealing with this, you have to think about the torque. If you see that the first one is providing you higher torque, you should never hesitate to buy this one. On the contrary, if you see that you are getting higher torque from the 20v model, select this one.

What should I look for when buying a cordless drill?

First of all, you must check the weight and size of the drill to ensure if it is easy to carry and portable or not. Then, you have to check the speed settings. It is better to get him one that has more than one-speed settings. The grip should be comfortable and the accessories that are added to the kit fit well. The trigger must be easy to use and the battery should be of high-power and durability. On the other hand, the clutch, chuck jaws, keyless chuck, and some other important points that you have to take care of!

Is the 12v drill powerful?

Every day, people are coming up with new expenses and the days of the 12v drill powerful is no more! These days, the 18v is doing great in this industry. However, the power is not all here. As earlier we mentioned the first one is providing you higher torque You cannot only decide one based on power. But if you plan to get one for power drill, this one can do the best on this matter!

Are brushless drill better?

Yes, brushless drill is better than brush motors. These motors with brushless facilities will help you gain less energy. On the contrary, the brushless motors usually do not rub against the wall. So, no extra energy is losing when you are drilling the holes. If you plan to get something that is energy-efficient, go for brushless motors.

Final Verdict

Here, we have mentioned all the seven best cordless drill under 50 that the users love. But not every combo kit will fit right with you. For this, you must go through the details of the drill along with the positive and negative aspects we have mentioned here. Then, you can find a way to deal with it!

Comment below about which cordless drill you use. Also, let us know the pros and cons of it so that the other users can decide if they want to buy it or not!

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