7 Best Backpack Vacuum Reviews | Commercial & Lightweight 2021

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When you are working in a large area, you need to move a lot if you plan to clean it. The offices require a cleaning machine that you can carry easily. More than the handheld ones, best backpack vacuum cleaners are popular for the bigger areas because you can add them to your body and use both of your hands for a proper cleaning job!

But there are hundreds of backpack cleaners in the market. It is not easy to pick up one from the crowd! And so, we are here to do your job! We have checked all the good-grade vacuum cleaners with a backpack and made a list of the best ones!

If you are planning on buying one, you can check out the review and select one for your commercial space or home! You will never be disappointed!

Top 7 Backpack Vacuums

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Here is a list of the best backpack vacuum in different design. We have gone through their features along with the positive and negative aspects. All you need to do is check them out and purchase the one that fits your standard!

1. Hoover Brand Commercial Backpack Vacuum

To make your daily vacuum needs easier, there is no comparison of commercial backpack vacuum. For being portable, this makes your job comfortable than before. Hoover is a well-known brand for their all vacuum cleaners and their backpack vacuum line also is now loved by the users.

This one by the brand is lightweight. The weight is below 10 pounds. As a result, this lightweight design allows you to carry it in any room you want!

From your office to home, you can take it without any discomfort. So, when it comes to mobility, you win! ON the other hand, if you are going to use this one in your office, you are never going to disturb any of the present members. It is because; this commercial backpack vacuum cleaner is quiet when it comes to operation.

So, the environment around you will never be disrupted! The design of the vacuum's harness is done in a way that will lessen the strain!

As this is a corded vacuum, the power cord should be long and it is! Power cord is 48 feet long and has 3-wire quick power change options added. You can easily switch the outlets when you are dealing with a large area now!

The crevice tool of 6 inches is added here too! The accessory pack also includes a dusting tool, a turbo floor tool, and one upholstery tool.


  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Upright vacuum
  • Easy changing outlets
  • Long power cord included
  • Quiet operation
  • Strain-free harness design
  • High suction power
  • Comes with accessories
  • Good-grade shoulder straps


  • Weak pole handle like canister vacuum
  • Too tall pole

This backpack vac by ProTeam is another one in the same line that is loved by the users. This incredible cleaner includes a heavy-duty attachment for cleaning purposes. This is 1-1/2 inches in size so that it can clean up almost anything with precision! It comes with a multi-surface floor tool and a crevice tool for doing the cleaning job with decency.

When it comes to the operation, even a newbie will be able to hold it and work with it. Also, the design is done in a manner that is uncomplicated to maintain. With this cleaner, you will only need half of the energy that you need in any other upright cleaner. So, you are going to save your energy for your other work and be physically fitter.

The motor of the backpack vac is high-grade too. The brand offers you five years of warranty for the motor. Along with this, the construction is done carefully and so, they provide you a lifetime warranty for the body of the vacuum.

The motor stays in good health because there are three filters added. These help to keep the motor grease and dirt-free. Along with this, to afford quiet operation when there are a lot of people around, there are sound mufflers included.

No matter you have an office that is related to food service, hospital, church, or schools, you can easily get your hands on this vacuum cleaner and work with the comfortable fit of the device. There are upholstery tools, extension wands, tool hose, and a cord of 50' added with the kit!


  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Comes with necessary accessories
  • Tool hose included
  • Multi-filter added for motor protection
  • Comes with ear mufflers for quiet operation
  • Requires less energy while working
  • Long cord for easy operation


  • Bulky in size
  • hard-to-move dusting brush for cleaning rugs

If you are tired of the corded vacuum cleaners and you are fond of the cordless ones, you can simply get your hands on this cordless backpack vacuum cleaner by Makita. We recommend this vacuum cleaner to the users because it has an incredible motor.

The brushless motor of the device will afford you high suction power of 78 CFM. Along with this, you will get a water lift of about 44 inches. So, you are surely planning to get this one, aren't you? Apart from the motor, the features that these cleaner bears are also X2 LXT Cordless Backpack Vacuum

If you are tired of the corded vacuum cleaners and you are fond of the cordless ones, you can simply get your hands on this cordless backpack vacuum cleaner by Makita. We recommend this vacuum cleaner to the users because it has an incredible motor.

The brushless motor of the device will afford you high suction power of 78 CFM. Along with this, you will get a water lift of about 44 inches. So, you are surely planning to get this one, aren't you? Apart from the motor, the features that these cleaner bears are also amazing.

Users that use backpack vac cleaners know how HEPA filter keeps the environment pollution-free even after cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner. It keeps the dust and dirt locked so that it cannot get out and mixes with the air once again. If you buy this vacuum cleaner, you will get two different stages of HEPA filter protection. As a result, 99% or more dirt is inside the dust bag and you will be safe breathing the air.

As the motor is brushless, you won't be facing issues with carbon brushes. On the other hand, you will be able to get a cool motor that will last for a long period! To afford you the ultimate flexibility, you will get the side-loading batteries with this back pack vacuum.

The adjustable harness settings allow you to run the device for 40 minutes in MAX settings and 139 minutes in NORMAL settings. So, you get a decent amount of charge!


  • Cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Side-loading batteries
  • Brush-less motor design
  • Two-stage HEPA filter facility included
  • Cool motor while running
  • Adjustable options for operation
  • Water lift facility
  • upright vacuum cleaner


  • Cannot be mounted on the wall
  • Large size, small footprint

Let's go back to our same old corded vacuums because nothing cleans a large office or house without the corded facility! No matter you are going to work with the hardwood floors or the carpets, this cleaner is equipped with all the attachments that you need for cleaning up your mess! The best part of the cleaner is, it affords you four levels of filtration.

So, you are going to breathe the fresh air even after cleaning with the backpack vacuum cleaner! As we have told you before, the cord is a plus point when it comes to this vacuum cleaner. It has 50 feet cord added with the kit. So, even if you are going to clean a large area, you don't need to change the outlet again and again!

As a result, the maneuvering and cleaning tool job gets easier! The filtration method is HEPA filtration. As a result, more than 99% of particles are captured here to keep you safe! This is specially designed for industrial use because most people require larger cleaners for the offices and commercial areas.

If you go through the comfort level of this cleaner, we will give it an A+. To afford you the utmost comfort, this cleaner includes padding. As you are going to go through longer sessions of cleaner, it has added the facility to keep your body cool while you work! This is an impeccable idea that a brand has come up with, praise him for that!


  • Designed for commercial and industrial use
  • Four layers of HEPA filtration
  • 50 feet long cord
  • Added padded facility
  • Easy maneuver and movement
  • Constructed for large areas
  • Can work with carpets, tiles, wood, etc.


  • Tough-to-hold hose
  • Every attachment require a separate telescoping wand

Another very popular vacuum cleaner brand is this Milwaukee. It is considered to be an incredible brand in terms of performance and quality. Whenever it comes to portability and versatility, we always recommend this backpack vacuum cleaner to our users. There is a brush-less motor added to the vacuum cleaner that helps is great cleaning.

To increase the cleaning performance, there is also cyclonic technology added. Thus, the powerful suction power gets higher than before and you get greater performance!

No matter you are dealing with concrete dust or drywall dust or you are going through metal shavings or wood shavings, you can clean up almost anything with it.

There is a removable harness added with it too. Also, there is a canister hook for your convenience. On the other hand, if you are going to use this backpack vacuum in your office or working place, you should settle for something quiet.

And yes, this one is quieter than the other available vacuum cleaners in the market. You can adjust the runtime too. For HIGH settings, you can use the device for 25 minutes continuously. On the contrary, you can use it for more than 40 minutes if you settle for the LOW settings. The capacity of the device is about one gallon.

With the kit, you will get a telescopic extension wand. There is on-board storage too! The added hose, floor tool, dust extraction, adapter, and crevice tool make the device an ideal backpack vacuum appliance for your office and home!


  • Portable and versatile
  • Brushless motor included
  • Adjustable modes for cleanups
  • Includes crevice tool and hose
  • Comes with the extension wand
  • Removable harness included
  • On-board storage facility


  • Limited attachments
  • Not use for pet hairRequires large battery

When it comes to a powerful motor, we again go back to ProTeam vacuum cleaners. Yes, this cleaner by the brand offers you cleaning facilities for both hard floor and carpets. Also, you can take it to clean the upholstery and the stairs too.

Go through the blends, fans, and vents and clean them all with this vacuum cleaner within minutes. To keep the indoor air clean, this cleaner has a HEPA filter added here. A HEPA filter helps in keeping the air germ and dirt-free! On the other hand, the make it worksbetter the HEPA filter is of four-level protection.

This is a certified cleaner for the rugs and carpets; so, pick up this one if you have carpets in your office. There are lots of attachments that come with the kit. You get a crevice tool with a dust brush. Also, the multi-surface floor tool and the upholstery tool are added here.

If you go through the toughest surfaces, the 2-piece-wand will help you out! The filter is of 10-quart and it provides better cleaning than the upright cleaners.


  • Designed for hard floors and carpets
  • Comes with necessary attachments
  • HEPA filter included
  • Four-level protective filtration
  • Crevice tool and dust brush added
  • 2 piece wand for tough jobs
  • Multi-surface floor tool for all vacuum type of floors


  • The hose might come off
  • Cannot hold the tools properly

So, this is another best backpack vacuum cleaner that we recommend to our users if they are interested in a high-grade motor. The brushless motor by this brand will offer you a clean floor in every office. The best part of this cleaner is it has 44 inches of water lift. Along with this, the suction power is higher than the other cleaners.

If you want to keep the area clean, the suction power of this cleaner will gather all the dirt and dust and will keep the place safer for you to walk. Along with the suction power, the filtration method of this vacuum is noteworthy too.

It has a HEPA filtration facility. As a result, after cleaning the area, you will get to see that the air of the indoor is still fresh! So, there will be no pollution in the air! TP ensure fresh air, the HEPA filtration comes with 2-stage filtration added. So, you are safer with this cleaner than the other ones. Apart from this, there is no worry about carbon brushes here!

Your motor will be cool even when it is running. The dust bag is easily removable and disposable! So, cleaning the bag of backpack cleaner is also easy! This includes two different modes MAX and NORMAL. Go for anyone but remember that different modes of vacuuming will provide you different runtimes.


  • Two different modes for cleaning
  • Ergonomic design
  • HEPA filtration added
  • Two-stage filtration
  • High suction power
  • Removable and disposable dust bag
  • No carbon brushes required
  • upright vacuum
  • Compact and lightweight backpack vacuum
  • Comes with a flexible hose


  • Works well only in high suction power
  • Requires more batteries

Buying Guide For The Ideal Backpack Vacuum

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Before you buy any backpack vacuum, you have to go through the necessary points that might affect the purchase! So, make a list of what you want and then choose the cleaner. Also, go through all the basics of the regular vacuum cleaner before you invest money in it.


If you are selectively going for a backpack vacuum cleaner, you must go through the weight of the cleaner and pick it up accord to it. These cleaners are the ones that you carry with you when you work.

If you do not consider the weight, it might be too heavy for you. The more lightweight the cleaner, the better to carry it! Before you buy, check the weight and select the one that is easy to carry.


As you are going to use the backpack vacuum cleaner in your office or larger area, the capacity of the cleaner is vital information. If the cleaner gets easily after some minutes, you need to clean it up in between the cleaning sessions.

And if you need to clean it again and again, it will be time and energy-consuming. So, it is recommended that you pick up the one that has a large capacity. However, if you settle for cleaning a small area, picking up the smaller capacity like atrix vacbp1 backpack cleaners is alright too!


Cleaners of these days come with several accessories for cleaning different parts of the house. From the floor to the carpet, upholstery to the corners, you might require to clean so many things. Also,commercial cleaning the tough-to-reach areas will require attachments.

This is why you have to check the attachments that you need before you purchase them. Keep in mind that you do not need extra attachments. The additional attachment will increase the price of the cleaner. So, stick to the required attachments only.


You have to wear the cleaner and so, if it is too noisy, it might be having a bad effect on you. So, get the quiet one. It will also help you if you want to clean the area when people are around.

People won't be disturbed if it is less noisy. Some cleaners offer attachments for the ears to keep them safe. With these, you can safeguard your ears and work without any discomfort! You can go for them too!

Frequently Asked Questions on Backpack Vacuums

Is backpack vacuum for carpets?

People often think that backpack upright vacuums are only designed for carpets and the backpack ones are not capable of cleaning the carpets as it requires too much effort. However, this is a wrong idea. The backpack vacuum cleaners these days will allow you to clean the carpets with the same power as the hard floors.

Some cleaners include special attachments and features for cleaning rugs and carpets! So, if you plan to settle for them, go for the cleaners that work on both the hard floors and the carpets!

Are vacuums with bags better?

All the vacuums are great but which one is better compared to the other one depends on your choice. Some people prefer to carry their vacuums with their hands and for them, upright or handheld cleaners are amazing.

Some people like to carry the cleaners on their body and in this case, vacuum with cloth bag is great. If you are cleaning dust, debris, and dirt, these can be incredible choices for you!

How much does a backpack vacuum weigh?

Different backpack vacuum weights differently. It depends on you how much weight you can carry while cleaning. However, the lightweight the cleaner, the better for you to clean the office or house as it will require less energy.

If you check the average weight of the vacuum cleaners in the market, most of the devices weigh more or less 20 pounds. In cases, the appliances are less than 20 pounds. The smaller ones might be 9 pounds too! It completely depends on your preference.

What is a Beater Bar?

Actually a beater bar is contoured agitator smoothly. It fix roating brush rolls in addition to the bristle brush. Most people use this as commercial cleaning or upright vacuum cleaning.

Final Note

So, now you already know what are the best backpack vacuum cleaners on the market are! If you are planning to make your office cleaning easier or your large house needs a commercial cleaning machine, backpack cleaners are more preferred at this age! Check for the buying guide and pick one from the list we have mentioned you will never regret your decision!

Also, don't forget to comment below which cleaner you loved the most! Have you ever used any of these cleaners before? How did it perform? Let us know your honest backpack vacuum review of the cleaners you have used!

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